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Bass Armstrong
Bass armstrong.jpg
Nationality American
Gender Male
Birthday July 4, Age: 46
Relations Tina (Daughter),
Alicia (Wife, deceased)
Bloodtype O
Height/Weight 6'5", 346lbs.
Body Size B56 W53 H54
Fighting Style Pro Wrestling
Occupation Pro Wrestler (retired)
Likes Sauteed Chicken
Hobbies Touring, Training Tina, Motorcycles
Appearances Dead or Alive(PSX version)
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive: Ultimate
Dead or Alive 4

Bass is a bad guy Pro Wrestler who retired undefeated and now spends his time attempting to prevent his daughter, Tina, from using the DOA World Combat Championship to gain enough fame to enter a glamorous job such as modeling or acting. Bass believes that her mother, Alicia, wouldn't have wanted that for her, and has repeatedly entered the tournament to try and stop her.


Dead or Alive[]

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