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Batman: Arkham
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Basic Information
Rocksteady Studios, WB Montreal
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Science-Fiction, Fantasy
Action-Adventure, Stealth
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

The Batman: Arkham series is a series of action-adventure video games created by Rocksteady Studios. The whole series has been published by Warner Bros. The entire series allows the player to play as the superhero Batman, and take control of his gadgets and moves in order to fight famous criminals from the comics such as Joker, Riddler and Black Mask.


The Batman: Arkham series takes place either in Gotham City or the surrounding area. The main protagonist and primary playable character is the superhero Batman, and each game follows the vigilante as he faces powerful enemies that threaten Gotham. Common enemies include the Joker, his girlfriend and sidekick Harley Quinn, gangsters Two-Face and the Penguin, and the narcissistic Riddler. The games also delve into the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne, which is often brought to the surface through the course of events.

The series is centered around capturing the full Batman experience, and as such sticks closely to the source material.


Batman: Arkham is an action-adventure video game series, with the Batman being the primary (if not sole) playable character in all entries.


There are two forms of combat: "Freeflow", which consists of direct combat similar to that of beat 'em up games, and "Predator", which employs the use of stealth.

In Freeflow, there are three four actions, each assigned their own buttons: Attack, Stun, Counter and Evade. Each successful attack or counter will add to the combo multiplier: once a multiplier of 3 is reached, the player enters the Freeflow mode: as long as the combo is kept, Batman can attack with greater speed and flow seamlessly between enemies. The combo ends if the player receives damage, performs an inutile action (such as attacking air), or does nothing for about one second. Additional layers of depth include the usage of Quickfire gadgets, button combos, and a special move meter that allows for special moves upon being filled. The special move meter will reset once a special move is preformed, but can be refilled by increasing the multiplier. Enemy attacks are marked with a warning icon in most gameplay modes (these icons are removed in Arkham Asylum's hard difficulty and New Game Plus for all other entries), the color of which indicates the nature of their attack: blue indicates the attack can be countered; yellow indicates the attack employs a sword which can be avoided via a Blade Dodge move; red indicates the attack cannot be countered (although it can be evaded). Enemies can retrieve weapons from the environment, such as an urn to throw at the player, a club, or a firearm. Certain enemies (or enemies with certain weapons) require a certain combo in order to be attacked: for instance, an enemy with a Stun Baton must be attacked from behind, which can be done by evading over them first.

Predator Mode revolves around stealthily taking out armed enemies, either through Silent Takedowns or by creating environmental traps with gadgets. While the player ideally avoids detection during these encounters, certain situations, such as hostage scenarios, require that the player remains unseen to complete the mission. Predator areas usually come with places the player can use to attack from, avoid detection or escape enemies, and survey the environment: these include Vantage Points above and vents either at ground-level or beneath the floor. Certain enemies have special equipment that can impede the players progress, such as a jamming backpack that prevents the player from using Detective Mode.

Riddler Challenges[]

Each game features collectibles in the form of "Riddler Challenges", left for Batman by the Riddler to solve.


Main Series[]


Batman: Arkham has received praise and accolades from critics, who have praised the games for introducing Batman into the mature video game medium. The games are often cited as the most successful execution of superhero video games.