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BattleSphere is a 3D space combat simulator for the Atari Jaguar console by 4Play/ScatoLOGIC Inc., released in 2000. The game is about 7 races, the Oppressors, the Smg'Heeds, the O'catanut, the Slith, the Se'bab, the Telchines, and the Thunderbirds fighting a war over who will control and colonize the galaxy. It features 5 different play modes and the ability, unusual for a Jaguar title, to play over a network of up to 16 consoles, each with a pilot and an optional gunner, for a total of 32 potential players. This network capability has been largely untapped, due to the game's release after Atari's takeover by JT Storage and abandonment of the Jaguar platform. Released after the Jaguar's demise, cartridge components and other supplies needed to manufacture the game were scarce, resulting in not enough copies to meet demand. A second edition of the game, with additional features and improvements, was released as BattleSphere Gold in 2002. Copies of both editions are extremely hard to find, but are regularly produced for sale on eBay. A single unique copy of a third edition (BattleSphere Trio) was auctioned off on EBay for $1,225.01 in 2006.

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