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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a game in the Battlefield francise. It is the second in the 'Bad Company' series and 6th game in the Battlefield series.


Gameplay in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 resembles that of Battlefield: Bad Company and takes place in the mountainous regions along the borders of Russia, among other places. Bad Company 2 will include locations in snowy mountains, dense jungles, and also sandy deserts within both story mode and multiplayer mode. The game allows players to play through missions using any tactics they choose. Like its predecessor, Bad Company 2 features destructible environments. However, more destruction is now possible; players can now completely destroy a building rather than just its walls. Bad Company 2 and Battlefield Vietnam are the only two games in the series to have blood in them without a third-party modification. Multiplayer will allow players to choose from a set of weapon kits before each spawn, the number of which has been further reduced from Bad Company's five down to four: "Assault," "Engineer," "Recon," and "Medic," removing the "Specialist" kit, whose compact assault rifle and C4 abilities have been split between the "Engineer" and "Recon" classes, respectively. A customizable weapon selection menu is also new to the Bad Company series (similar to unlocks in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142), giving players the choice of different ACOGs or reflex sights, including short or long barrel grenade launchers; these are also chosen before each respawn. Each match will give players experience points, allowing them to level to multiple ranks as they did in the previous series. Experience points will be gained by each opponent killed and destroying the respective objectives. The points gained will be displayed in the screen. A dog tag system coined from a similar system in Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield: Bad Company will allow players to collect an opponent's tag when killing by melee. There will be new vehicles in Bad Company 2, such as the UH-60 Black Hawk, a quad bike, a two-man patrol boat, an AA-gun mounted on a light tank and a UAV helicopter controlled via laptop. If pre-ordered at GameStop, and EB Games in Canada, the AKS-74U will be unlocked for use. On October 19, 2009, game developer DICE posted a Twitter announcement stating the game will have dedicated server support. This was in response to Infinity Ward's announcement on October 17 that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would not support dedicated servers. Also announced on Twitter, multiplayer will allow players to use party chat for each mode. This is another response to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which disables party chat in many game modes.

Limited edition[]

Currently, a limited edition version of the game is being sold online for pre-order at the same price as the non-limited version. With it comes multiples bonuses, including a radar on tanks that can see enemies even when they are hidden, extra armor for tanks, and a coaxial gun for the driver of the tank. There will also be three extra infantry weapons that come with it: the M1 Thompson, the Colt M1911, a tracer dart gun, and the AKS-74. These bonuses are also unlockable for everyone else by simply increasing their online rank ingame.

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