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Battlefield 2 is a multiplayer online first-person shooter developed by Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to the highly popular Battlefield 1942, and moves the series forwards into modern combat. It features the same tried-and-tested game system as its predecessor, in which two teams of players fight for control of a large, open battlefield using a vast array of weapons and land, air and sea vehicles. Players choose from one of three factions, the obligatory United States Marine Corps, the army of the People's Republic of China, and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition. Although phenomenally popular, the game has become notorious for constant class balancing issues, although this seems to have done little to detract from its vast fanbase.


Battlefield 2 is focused mainly on multiplayer action, although it does feature a singleplayer component. This is effectively identical to the multiplayer, with the exception of being populated by AI 'bots' rather than human players. The game ships with one game mode, named 'Conquest'. In this mode, two teams of players engage in combat over a variety of battlefields, fighting for control of 'Capture Points', strategic locations dotted around the map. These Capture Points, or 'CPs', are represented by flag poles in the middle of certain strategic areas, displaying their controlling team's flag. CPs are captured by eliminating enemy forces in the immediate area, and holding that area for a set time until the CP is secured. The largest maps will commonly have around ten of these control points spread across the battlefield, forcing teams to co-ordinate their efforts in order to hold on to important positions while assaulting the enemy's.

Players are able to choose from one of seven distinct classes, each with their on advantages and limitations. A good team will use these classes strengths to support each other to best effect. As well as the seven classes, there are a variety of vehicles available for use that spawn at a faction's CPs. These range from simple buggies to main battle tanks, helicopter gunships and fighter-bombers, and can mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Battlefield 2 has a wide array of maps to play on. From small 16 player maps with little playing space and few vehicles to huge 64 player maps that feature Large playing spaces and lots of vehicles to use. Each map gives each team an advantage of some sort and/or give each team a disadvantage by geographic appearance. Also maps a popular in different ways from Sniper servers to modded servers. For example, maps like Gulf of Oman and Wake Island 2007 are popular sniper server maps while maps like Strike at Karkand are popular for regular online play in conquest mode.


In Battlefield 2, there are 7 kits to be used, each with its own unique unlocks.All kits will have a combat knife and hand grenades (with the exception of basic Assault as it has rifle grenades), but they will all have different weaponry with them. The Special Forces/Spec Ops kit has 5 packets of C4 explosive capable of destroying all sorts of objects in the game from Light vehicles to Bridges. The Sniper kit has 2 Claymore Mines which can be used for area denial. The Assault kit has rifle grenades which can be used to destroy light vehicles (e.g. FAV, DPV) to medium vehicles (e.g. Vodnik,HMMWV) and Smoke Grenades to use as cover. The Support kit has an endless amount of Ammo bags (that replenish over time) which can be used to replenish an ally's ammo fully. The Engineer has AT mines capable of destroying all vehicles and a wrench to repair vehicles, Allied installations and bridges. The Medic has and endless amount of Medical bags (like ammo bags they replenish over time) which can be used to heal allies on the battlefield and shock paddles to revive fallen teamates. The Anti-Tank kit has a rocket launcher (varies by team as US Anti-Tank has SRAW, and MEC and PLA have the Eryx.) and 5 rockets for ammunition.

Each class has its own purpose. Spec Ops is mainly for destroying enemy installations (UAV trailers, Artillery Pieces, and Scan Trailers), Sniper mainly for Long-Range elimination and area denial against infantry, Assault for conventional attack and defense, Support for laying suppressive fire and replenishing allies' ammo, Engineer for area denial against vehicles and repair of allied installations, Medic to heal and revive teamates on the battlefield, and Anti-Tank for Long-Range elimination of vehicles.


The weapons for Battlefield 2 are great in terms of appeal and function. The game has a variety of weapons from slow,melee only combat knives to agile, deadly fighter jets. Each of the 3 armies (US Marines,MEC and PLA) have their own unique weapons useful for many purposes.

Infantry firearms are very well done as all firearms look almost exactly to their real life counterparts,and their function is also the same, with the exception of the firearms that have scope attachments on them. Usable firearms range from small,weak handguns/pistols (M92F,MR-444 and QSZ-92) to Light Machine Guns with big size and large firepower (such as M249 SAW,RPK-74 and Type 95) to .50 BMG sniper rifles (such as the Barett M95). All Infantry soldiers have a combat knife, a handgun/pistol (varies by team) and hand grenades (with the exception of assault kits with the default rifle w/ grenade launcher or FN2000) The Primary firearm for the soldier will vary by the class he/she is playing as. Special Forces soldiers will have a carbine (M4,AKS-74u or Type 95) for their primary firearm. The Sniper kit will have a sniper rifle (M24,SVD/Dragunov or Type 88) for the primary weapon slot. The Assault kit will have the army's main rifle (M16A2,AK-101 or AK-47) with a grenade launcher (M203,GP-30 or GP-25) attached to it. The Support kit's primary weapon is the default Light Machine Gun for each army (M249 SAW,RPK-74 or Type 95 LMG) with a bipod attached to the barrel, although it doesn't give a performance boost to the weapon in any way. The Engineer will have a CQB weapon, preferably a shotgun (Remington M1187,Saiga/S12K or NOR-182) for a primary weapon. A Medic will have the army's main rifle with no attachments whatsoever. Anti-Tank soldiers will have a CQB weapon,preferably a SMG (Sub-Machine Gun such as MP5, PP-19, "Bison" or Type 85) as a primary weapon. Unfortunately All firearms in the game do not match the real-life specs to their real life counterparts, mainly in power as it takes about more than 2-3 shots to down an enemy.

Each kit in Battlefield 2 have their own unique explosive weapons with them (with the exception of Support and Medic) other than just hand grenades. Spec Ops soldiers have 5 packets of C4 explosive meant for destruction or armored vehicles or enemy installations. Snipers have 2 M18A1 Claymore Anti-Personel mines for area denial against enemy troops. Assault soldiers have 5 Rifle grendes meant for eliminating small numbers for troops in the open or behind cover and/or destruction of light to medium vehicles and smoke grenades for cover. Engineers have 5 M15 Anti-Tank mines capable of destroying any land vehicle that drives over it. Anti-Tank soldiers have a Rocket Launcher (SRAW or Eryx) meant for long-range elimination of Armored vehicles.


Battlefield 2 has a wide array of vehicles for players to use. the game features vehicles from Light vehicles to Fighter Jets. Each faction will have their own vehicle in each class, with some factions havign an extra vehicle in their arsenal.

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