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Beatmania IIDX 15: DJ Troopers is the 15th game in the beatmania IIDX series of music video games. It was released in arcades by Konami on December 19, 2007, and a version for the PlayStation 2 was released on December 18, 2008. The game features over 50 new songs, some of which are unlocked over Konami's e-Amusement platform. The overall motif of DJ Troopers is a military themed style, containing rustic greens, grays, and camouflage patterns.


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Core gameplay remains the same on DJ Troopers. A new hidden modifier called "ALL-SCRATCH" changes most of the notes to scratches. In addition, a new tutorial mode has been added featuring interactive tutorials on basic gameplay elements, which is presented by Michael a la Mode, the vocalist from GOLD RUSH from the previous style (who is visually portrayed as a young short-haired man with sunglasses and a "Beatnation Records" t-shirt). In addition, tweaks to 5-key mode have been made, using the right-side of the keyboard on the 2P side instead of the first 5 keys.

New cabinets produced after the launch of DJ Troopers also feature slight changes, such as a LCD monitor rather than a CRT monitor, and new artwork on the transducer platform.


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Extra Stages[]

If the player gets three AA's on two songs rated 8 and a song rated 9 (without use of the Random or Mirror modifiers) for Hyper or the total difficulties of the 3 AA'd songs adding up to 31 for Another, the player gets to play the Extra Stage, Time to Air by 青龍 (Seiryu). The stage is played on Hard mode, which removes the 80% groove gauge requirement, but will fail the player if it drops down to 0%. If the stage is cleared with an AAA and the player is playing on Another, the player gets to play One More Extra Stage, PARANOiA ~HADES~ by αTYPE-300, a crossover from the recently released Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2.

Military Splash[]

An additional extra stage system used on DJ Troopers for e-Amusement users is Military Splash, an extension of the VIP Room concept from Gold. The system is divided into 2 tiers, one containing 3 songs and a One More Extra Stage, and the other containing 4 plus another One More Extra Stage, aptly titled Military Splash #02. The songs contained on the first tier are Mirage Residence by Jimmy Weckl, Übertreffen by dj TAKA, TRIP MACHINE PhoeniX by DE-SIRE alterative, and the One More Extra Stage, TROOPERS by Des-TRACT. When Military Splash is unlocked, an option appears when an Extra Stage is unlocked in Standard mode, allowing access to it instead of a regular Extra Stage.

To unlock Military Splash, the player must meet the criteria for any one of the 3 songs. The first tier of songs are based on the BEMANI series, with contributions from GuitarFreaks/DrumMania, Pop'n Music, And DanceDanceRevolution, respectively. To unlock Mirage Residence the player must get a Border Bonus (a pass with exactly 80% on the Groove Gauge) or Perfect Bonus (getting all Greats and Flashing Greats). To unlock Übertreffen, one must play a specific number of new songs. To unlock TRIP MACHINE PhoeniX, the player must play 2 songs from every song folder with an A or higher without using 5-key or Autoscratch. To access TROOPERS, the player must AA all the previous songs.

The second tier of songs, "Military Splash #02" in a similar fashion to the Cardinal Gate songs on Distorted, are under pseudonyms of major IIDX artists. These 4 songs are Do it!! Do it!! by Kraken (Ryu☆), Steel Needle by Scorpion (L.E.D.), four pieces of heaven by Lion (dj TAKA), and ICARUS by Eagle (kors k). The OMES for #02 is MENDES by Humanoid (DJ Yoshitaka).


Genre Song Artist Tier
Tribal "2 tribe 4 K" Remo-con
Hard Renaissance "Anisakis -somatic mutation type "Forza"-" 朱雀 (Suzaku)
Classical Piano Solo "avant-guerre" Osamu Kubota
Eurobeat "Be OK" good-cool feat. Florence
Tech-Tronika "beatonic nation" Sōta Fujimori
Trance "Blue Rain" dj TAKA VS Ryu*
J-R&B "Darling my LUV" DJ Yoshitaka feat. B-Agents
Handz Up "Dazzlin' Darlin" HHH
Tech-Breakbeats "Digitank System" DJ Mass MAD Izm*
80's Euro "エコ爺" (Eco-ji / Eco-G) Y&Co.
Frenzy House "end of world" 猫又Master+
Prog "evergreen" kors k
Trance "Freeway Shuffle" dj TAKA
Hyper Japanesque 2 "華爛漫 -Flowers-" (Hanaranman) TËRRA
Trance "I'm In Love Again -DJ YOSHITAKA REMIX-" Remixed by DJ YOSHITAKA
Happy Hardcore "in the Sky" Ryu* From CS
Electric AOR "叶うまでは" (Kanau made wa) ウッチーズ
E-Dance Pop "Kick Out 仮面" 上野圭市(a.k.a. Babyweapon, DJ SWAMI) feat. 星野奏子
Symphonic Techno "高高度降下低高度開傘" (Koukoudo Kouka Teikoudo Kaisan) Dr. Honda
Happy Hardcore "LOVELY STORM" L.E.D.-G From CS
Education "マチ子の唄" (Machiko no Uta / Song of Machiko) AKIRA YAMAOKA
Progressive House "madrugada" PINK PONG
Lovely Buchiage Pop "MAX LOVE" DJ YOSHITAKA feat. 星野奏子
Only One Eurobeat "NEW GENERATION -もう、お前しか見えない-" SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU-
Energetic Trance "Now and Forever" StripE vs MUNETICA feat.ARISA
Hymnus "oratio" 蓑舞衆
Dance "radius" yasuhiro abe
Tri Euro Fantasia "REMINISCENCE"* jun with Allison
UK Hardcore "Rising in the Sun (original mix)" kors k feat. Rie
Overture "Ristaccia" Zektbach
Hard House "satellite020712 from "CODED ARMS"" 猫又Master From CS
Rave "satfinal" RAM
World/Electronica "scar in the earth" 猫又Master
Hard Trance "Shades of Grey" Fracus
Electro "湘南族 -cannibal coast-" (Shounanzoku) Aural Vampire
Post Renaissance "少年A" (Shonen A) Remixed by 少年ラジオ
Waltz Beat "soldier's waltz" DAJI
Soldier's Ballad "走馬灯 -The Last Song-" TAKA
Freeform Hardcore "SOUND OF GIALLARHORN" L.E.D.-G
Technotronica "State Of The Art" Sōta Fujimori feat. cyborg AKEMI
Ultimate J-Pop "switch" DAISUKE ASAKURA ex.TËRRA
Nu-Style Gabba "THE DEEP STRIKER" L.E.D.-G
Ethnotronica "the trigger of innocence" Seiya Murai
Piano House "Wanna Party?" RAM
Dance Speed "Time to Air" 青龍 (Seiryuu) Extra (ES)
Progressive Baroque "Übertreffen" TAKA respect for J.S.B. MS #01
Fusion "ミラージュ・レジデンス" (Mirage Residence) Jimmy Weckl MS #01
SUPERNOVA2 BEAT #02 "TRIP MACHINE PhoeniX" DE-SIRE alterative MS #01
Ultimate Core "TROOPERS" Des-TRACT MS #01 OMES
Jungle "four pieces of heaven" Lion MS #02
Breakcore "STEEL NEEDLE" Scorpion MS #02
N-Beats "Do it!! Do it!!" Kraken MS #02
Nu-Skool Breakbeats Hardcore "ICARUS" Eagle MS #02
Irregular Hi-Break "MENDES" Humanoid MS #02 OMES

*REMINISCENCE had 3 versions in DJ TROOPERS.


Home version[]

The PlayStation 2 version of DJ Troopers was released in Japan on December 18, 2008. New songs include collaborations, smooooch ・∀・ from the recently released Beatmania IIDX 16: Empress as a preview song, along with revivals from past styles.

CS exclusive songs[]

Genre Song Artist Tier
Uplifting Trance "Around The Galaxy" NISH
Hard Dance "Battle Train -IIDX Edition-" Sōta Fujimori From Neo Contra
Drum'N'Bass "BEAUTIFUL ANGEL" DJ SWAN (Toshiaki Komiya & Keiichi Ueno)
Raggacore "Biometrics Warrior" GUHROOVY fw.NO+CHIN
Iluzio "Claiomh Solais" DJ Yoshitaka VS S.S.D.
Break Core "Cookie Bouquets" L.E.D. vs TOMOSUKE fw.crimm
Gabbah "HELL SCAPER -Last Escape Remix-" Remixed by DJ TECHNORCH fw.GUHROOVY
Electro "Sidechained Threats" sanodg
Drum'N'Bass "symptom" kobo vs kr:agué
Trancecore meets Gabba "BRAINSTORM" Hardcore United Tokyo (teranoid & DJ TECHNORCH)
Progressive Tribal "Saturn" Mr.Saturn From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2
Digital Hardcore "CRYMSON" RAM From Beatmania 5th MIX
Techno "GUILTY" D.J.SETUP From beatmania CORE REMIX
J-Tekno "quick master (reform version)" youhei shimizu From beatmania complete MIX
Nu jazz "WHAT'S NEXT?" SLAKE feat. DAINA NORMAN From beatmania 7th MIX
Hard Pf "fffff" Five Hammer From pop'n music 13 CARNIVAL
Progressive "子供の落書き帳" 佐々木博史 From GuitarFreaks 6thMIX & DrumMania 5thMIX
SUPERNOVA2 BEAT EX "Pluto" Black∞Hole From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2
Rotterdam Techno "VOX UP" sampling masters MEGA vs 青龍
Drum & Bass "THE LAST STRIKER" L.E.D. Ending Song (Credits Screen)


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