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Beatmania IIDX 17: Sirius is the 17th installment in Konami's Beatmania IIDX series of music video games. The main motif of Sirius's UI will be astronomy, as the game is named after Sirius, known to be the brightest star in the night sky. Public location tests began on May 27, 2009,[1] and the game itself was released on October 21, 2009.[2]


The existence of a 17th version in the beatmania IIDX series was confirmed by Konami on May 25, 2009, alongside the announcement of the first public location tests at the Cat's Eye arcade in Japan,[1] which had already been promoting the location tests set to begin on the 27th of May for several days before the official announcement.[3]

The location tests revealed new features contained in the game, such as "charge notes", and contained a sampling of songs slated to be included on the final release.[4] Additional tests were held in late June to early July in Nagoya and at an arcade at the Norbesa in Sapporo.[5]


Sirius adds two additional note types to the game, "charge notes", or Hold-me Notes which must be held for their duration, and the "back spin scratch", a type of scratching which must be spun on one direction continuously and spun again to the opposite side at the end of the note. Selected songs contained these features on the location test build.[3]

A new "party mode" consists of a story mode where players earn "fans" based on their performances.[2]

Another new mode, "League Mode" is a course whereas each song is selected based on the grade that they choosed. From D grade to S grade. Songs chosed and the score that earns will convert to League points in the end. The selected songs number is ranged from 4 to 12. Score from this mode is also available to upgrade their own standards. .[2]

Song list[]

During the location test, 20 new songs were available for play.[3] The entire song list contains songs by Konami original artists and others.[2]

Genre Song Artist
E-Dance Pop "beatchic☆仮面~好き、でいさせて~" 上野圭市 (transforming into Masao♥Lovely) feat.星野奏子
Electro Pop "being torn the sky" 猫叉Master+ feat. JUNE
Happy Hardcore "bloomin' feeling" Ryu☆
Latin House "Brazilian Fire" Ben Franklin
Trip-Pop "Chocolate Dancing" Yoche feat.Mayu
UK Hardcore "DESIRE" M-Project fw. GUHROOVY
Hardcore "DOMINION" L.E.D.-G
White Sequence "DROP" dj TAKA feat. Kanako Hoshino
Trance Core "Elisha" DJ YOSHITAKA
Cyberpunk "Empire State Glory" Dirty Androids
Hardcore Techno "GALGALIM" L.E.D.
Tech Dance "Hydrogen Blueback" MAD CHILD
Eurobeat "Keep it -秋葉工房Mix-" DJ Command feat.NAGISA
Electro "Last Burning" Dirty Androids
Bubblegum Dance "Light Shine" Ryu☆
Serious Step "London Affairs Beckoned With Money Loved By Yellow Papers." Paddington Private Detective
Buchiage Trance "MIRACLE MEETS" Lucky Vacuum
Electro Pop "MIRU key way" Jacca PoP License Song
Eurobeat "Mysterious Time" Y&Co.
Only One Idol Song "NEW SENSATION -もう、あなたしか見えない-" SUPER HEROINE 彩香 -AYAKA-
Techno Pop "NoN-Fiction Story!" Creative Life
Techno/Dance "One of A Kind" Crystal Begley
Psy Trance (Morning) "Programmed Sun" kors k
Astral Choir "Raison d'être~交差する宿命~" (Raison d'être -Intersection of Fates-) Zektbach
Tech-Breakbeats "Red, by Full Metal Jacket" DJ Mass MAD Izm*
Actress "Roots of my way!" ナイア (Voiced by Masumi Asano)
Only One Ballad "She is my wife" SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU-
Emo "Sorrows" Asako Yoshihiro from Pop'n Music 16: Party
Drum'N'Metal "Sunrise" good-cool ft. KOЯO
Club 80's "To the Future" seiya-murai
Electro "with me..." Sōta Fujimori feat. Kemy
Insanio "かずあそび" (Kazuasobi) CULTVOICE by S.S.D.PRODUCTS
J-Pop "コスモス" (Cosmos) TSU-NA
Distorted New Age "バビロニア" (Babylonia) 劇団レコード
モッシュ (Moshing) "フェティッシュペイパー ~脇の汗回転ガール~ (Fetish Paper) ガキ大将ティーム
Star Pop "未来のプリズム" (Mirai No Prism / Prism of Future) 星野奏子
Pops "たからもの" (Takaramono) セリカ&エリカ (Voiced by Mai Nakahara & Rina Satō) Party Mode Secret Song
Electric Fusion "Session 1 -Genesis-" PRASTIK DANCEFLOOR Extra Stage
Industrial "Bad Maniacs" kors k as teranoid One More Extra Stage

Parallel Rotation[]

The "Parallel Rotation" is an extra stage system contained within Sirius, containing various tiers based on previous releases of the Beatmania IIDX franchise, each containing various remixes of songs from their respective and songs previously exclusive to their respective home version.

Genre Song Artist Tier
Psychedelic Trance "spiral galaxy -L.E.D. STYLE SPREADING PARTICLE BEAM MIX-" Remixed by L.E.D. P.R. RED
World/Electronica "水上の提督 (Short mix from "幻想水滸伝V")" 猫叉Master P.R. RED
Valse "ワルツ第17番 ト短調"大犬のワルツ" (Waltz No. 17 in G minor, "Valse du Grande Chien") virkato P.R. RED Extra
Drum & Bass "DAWN -THE NEXT ENDEAVOUR-" L.E.D. fw.堀澤麻衣子 P.R. Happy Sky
Trance "SPARK ! -essential RMX-" Remixed by dj TAKA VS PINK PONG P.R. Happy Sky
World/Electronica "サヨナラ・ヘヴン" (Sayonara Heaven) 猫叉Master P.R. Happy Sky
Hardcore "EXUSIA" L.E.D.-G P.R. Happy Sky Extra
Sublime Techno "CaptivAte ~裁き~(SUBLIME TECHNO MIX)" Remixed by DJ YOSHITAKA P.R. DistorteD
Trance "quell ~the seventh slave~" dj TAKA Vs. DJ YOSHITAKA P.R. DistorteD
Hardstyle "SOLID STATE SQUAD" kors k Vs. L.E.D. P.R. DistorteD
Experimental Music "G59" 怒れる金の獅子 P.R. DistorteD Extra
Psyche Trance "DENJIN AKATSUKINI TAORERU -SF PureAnalogSynth Mix-" Remixed by Sota Fujimori P.R. Gold
Epic Trance "The Story Begins" SADA & Sota P.R. Gold
Techno Pop Speed "mosaic" Auridy P.R. Gold Extra
Drum'N'Bass "BEAUTIFUL ANGEL" DJ SWAN (Toshiaki Komiya & Keiichi Ueno) P.R. DJ Troopers
Eurobeat "Dazzlin' Darlin -秋葉工房Mix-" Remixed by DJ Command P.R. DJ Troopers
Drum & Bass "THE LAST STRIKER" L.E.D. P.R. DJ Troopers
Next Skool Breakbeats Hardcore "D" Eagle P.R. DJ Troopers Extra
Akashic Records "Almagest" Galdeira P.R. One More Extra Stage


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