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Beatshapers Ltd. (Beatshapers) is a new generation video game developer and publisher working on global markets for seventh generation handhelds and consoles and Apple Inc. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

Originally founded in 2006 in Kiev, Ukraine as a label, in the summer 2009 its become full scale development studio with publishing capabilities and developed and self-published PlayStation minis debut title - BreakQuest. In the beginning of 2010, the second PlayStation mini - NormalTanks released at the PlayStation Store worldwide. Currently company working on several PlayStation minis and unannounced game for PlayStation Network. Announced within PSPgo/minis launch, Beatshaper's MelodyBloxx (IGF Mobile 2010 Honorable mention) game still in development. In 2007, Beatshapers become first winner of PlayFirst Developer Dash Award, although the game was never published. Beatshapers also has sister company, Noisaurs which produces sound design and music for video games.

Development platforms[]

Beatshapers is licensed to develop for PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, DS, Wii, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad and have a publisher status for PlayStation Network in Europe and USA.

Games developed[]


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Games published[]


  • Honorable Mention

MelodyBloxx, IGF Mobile 2010

  • Developer Dash 2007

PlayFirst's Developer Dash Award 2007

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