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Bendy and the Ink Machine is a puzzle-based horror game by TheMeatly. It was released on February 10, 2017.


You play as Henry. After 30 years, Joey Drew wants you to come to a old workshop. The workshop is "in my prediction, the place is called Bendy's World".

The start of the game, isn't that creepy. You need to find the 6 missing pieces to activate the Ink Machine.

Then after you found those 6 pieces, you can find the movie area, to flow it. Then the low pressure text should be gone. And it should be running.

After you found the planks of wood covering the Ink Machine, "Bendy" aka Ink Monster will jumpscare you. Most of the times, people quit the game since the jumpscare.

It gets creepier on and on.


There are currently two chapters.


  • Bendy; the semi-protagonist in-game.
  • Ink Bendy; ink version, creepy and hostile version of Bendy.
  • Sammy Lawrence; human who dies later on in the game.
  • Alice Angel; female version of bendy.
  • Boris; Bendy's main buddy.
  • Searchers; ink figures that pop out of ink.
  • Joey Drew; creator of Bendy.
  • Henry; main-protagonist in-game, the person you play as in-game.
  • Wally Franks; ???
  • Susie Campbell; ???
  • Norman Polk; ???

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