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Beyond Good & Evil was released in 2003 for Microsoft Windows, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It was re-released as the remastered Beyond Good & Evil HD on March 2, 2011 for XBLA and later onPSN. The game was designed by Rayman series creator Michel Ancel and published by Ubisoft Entertainment.

Beyond Good & Evil received glowing praise from game critics and gamers (the few that played it at least) alike for its immersive game world, likeable characters, and beautiful score. It was released amid the Christmas season of 2003 with barely any advertising and, subsequently, quickly dropped in price from a normal $50 to the "Please for the love of God buy this" of $20. For the HD release in 2011 it was available for 800 Microsoft Points and $10 on Play Station Network. Beyond Good & Evil was intended to be the first of three games, but due to the poor sales of the first game, it was believed that no sequels would be made. Recently, however, pre-production work on a sequel, Beyond Good & Evil 2, was announced.


Beyond Good & Evil takes place on a planet called Hillys. This planet is in the middle of a war with an alien race known as the DomZ who constantly attack the planet, killing and capturing its residents. To protect themselves, the people of planet Hillys enlist the help of the Alpha Section, an elite military force, to fend off the DomZ insidious attacks.

It seems, however, that the Alpha Section aren't as effective as they lead the people to believe, and they hide a terrible secret.



  • Jade: The main character of Beyond Good & Evil, Jade is a young reporter with a mysterious past. She is intent on saving Hillys and uncovering the secret of the DomZ.
  • Pey'j: Pey'j is a pig-human and also Jade's foster uncle. He is a mechanical genius and a kind spirit. Together, Pey'j and Jade live in a lighthouse and run an orphanage for children whose parents have been killed or taken during the DomZ attacks.
  • Double H: Double H is an agent of Iris, an underground organization bent on exposing the untruths spread by the government of Hillys.
  • Secundo: An A.I. hologram who is programed to resemble a person with a Hispanic like accent.


  • General Kehck

Minor Characters[]



The world of Beyond Good & Evil contains many items that will help Jade on her journey.

Personal Items[]

Personal items are objects that Jade carries in her sidebag and can be used at (almost) any time.

  • Camera: Jade's camera is the most important item in the whole game. With the camera, Jade can take pictures of animals (which she can send to the museum for money), she can take pictures of important objects and events to use in her reports, and it can also provide her with a wealth of information.
  • Pearls: Pearls are valuable and rare objects on Hillys. Pearls can be found in many places throughout the game and are mainly used as a currency on the black market.
  • Credit Card: This card stores all of Jade's money and is used at stores to make purchases.
  • Starkos: A health restoring item, a Starkos will restore one unit of health. You can also use a Starkos to restore the health of a companion
  • K-Bups: A box of K-Bups will completely restore Jade's health. Like Starkos, a box of K-Bups can be used to restore an ally's health.
  • PA-1: A PA-1 will increase the maximum health of Jade by 1. A PA-1 can also be given to an ally to increase their health.
  • Keys: The army of Hillys uses special keys to seal off areas from the public. Unless you have the required key, access to these areas will be impossible.
  • Tickets: These little paper slips are commonly used to store codes and other such memos.
  • Mdisk: An Mdisk is a CD like device used on Hillys. They can be used to store a variety of information; from important technical specifications all the way to the daily newspaper.

Vehicle Items[]

Vehicle items are items that can be used only while in vehicles.

  • Meca-Impulser: A Meca-Impulser acts as a PA-1 for vehicles.
  • PODs: PODs will restore one unit of health for the vehicle you are currently driving.
  • Set of PODs: A set of PODs restore all the vehicle's health.
  • Boost: A boost will increase a vehicles speed threefold for a few seconds.

Special Items[]

Special items are items that induce a permanent effect after they are found.

  • Gyrodisk Glove: This glove will allow Jade to shoot a special projectile. When she is looking through her camera lens she can shoot these at anything she sees.
  • Strengthened Super Attack: This item will increase the power of Jade's super attack. Not only will it have increased power it will also allow Jade to shoot bursts of energy while using her super attack.
  • Animal Detector: This detector will show Jade the location of every animal that is in the current area. Check the map to see the locations of the animals.
  • Pearl Detector: The Pearl Detector works the same way as the Animal Detector, only it shows the location of pearls instead of animals.