Beyond Good & Evil 2

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The prequel to the Beyond Good & Evil game.

Story[edit | edit source]

In various interviews with Michel Ancel, he stated this game will take place after the events of the previous game. According to him the sequal will focus on Hilly's future and relationship with the wildlife.

The actual story to this sequel isn't clear at the moment, and the plot may change during development. There's only been two known clips of the game shown online as of May 2009. The online teaser shows Jade and Pey'j stranded out in a desert with a run down hover car. While there's a clip of what looked like Beyond Good and Evil 2 showing Jade running from the police in third person camera view.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Jade Jade appears to have gone for a new look by ditching the green headband and jacket. Her role in the series is still unknown, besides the questionable police pursuit scene.
  • Pey'j Jade's uncle appears alive and well. Besides his left arm being wrapped in a bandage dull to the DomZ spore infection he got after he and the rest came back safely from the moon in the last game. His role in this game is still unknown.