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Basic Information
Business Type
Subsidiary of Microsoft
Video game industry
Key People
Hanno Lemke (co-founder and CEO)
Wil Mozell (co-founder and studio president)
Eric Kiss (co-founder)
Don Mattrick (co-founder)

BigPark is an Canadian video game developer owned by Microsoft Game Studios.

History[edit | edit source]

Microsoft acquired BigPark in 2009,[1] a few months prior to the announcement of the Kinect motion camera (then Project Natal), and a few months after the release of the New Xbox Experience. Presumably, their intention was to develop games for a more casual audience, as opposed to their more hardcore titles such as Halo and Gears of War. So far, only one game has been announced to be in production, called Kinect Joy Ride, which allows players to race each other using their Xbox Avatars. The title was originally meant to be an Xbox Live Arcade game, free to download for Xbox Live Gold subscribers but was later turn into a launch title for Microsoft's Kinect peripheral.

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