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Big Bumpin' is a video game available on Xbox and Xbox 360, and is one of the three games from Burger King's promotion.


Big Bumpin' is a game in which up to four players battle each other using bumper cars.

During the game, there are numerous power-ups that the player can use, including:

  • Overdrive: Greatly increases the speed of your bumper car at the cost of control.
  • Repair: Repairs the damage done to your car over time.
  • Super Magnet: Attracts the puck to you. (Only in Own the Puck and Bumpin' Hockey)
  • Heavy Puck: Adds 10 tons to the weight of the puck, making it much more difficult to move. (Only used in Bumpin' Hockey)
  • Protector: Makes you temporarily invulnerable at the cost of speed.
  • Leech: Drains the energy from other players and returns it to you.
  • Repulse: Pushes opponents away from you.

There are several game modes available in Big Bumpin':

  • Last Man Standing: Bump into the other players to deal damage to them. Cause enough damage and they will be eliminated. The maps contain traps and hazards that can damage or eliminate the players.
  • Bumpin' Hockey: Two teams compete in a game of hockey.
  • Shockball: Similar to hot potato, one player carries the "shockball", and must pass it to another player or else an explosion will damage the player and anyone else near it when the time runs out. The last surviving player wins.
  • Own the Puck: The players must touch a puck to score points over time, and must keep the others from doing the same. The default score limit is 300.
  • Power Surge. The players must touch a charge point and return to the deposit point to score. If the player who touched the charge point is damaged, the total amount of gained points will be reduced. The default score limit is 300.

Tournaments: There are several tournaments available that contain multiple game modes. The tournaments must be unlocked by completing the previous tournament. The third and fifth tournament unlock new bumper cars when completed.


The King


Subservient Chicken

Brooke Burke




Whopper Jr.






Ice Box (Last Man Standing and Bumpin' Hockey)

The Deep (Shockball and Power Surge)

The Broiler (Last Man Standing and Shockball)

King's Court (Own the Puck and Bumpin' Hockey)

Monsoon of Doom (Power Surge and Own the Puck)

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