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Bitburner is a programming-based incremental game developed by Fulcrum Games and Hydroflame and published by Fulcrum Games. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and soon Linux on December 11, 2021.


In this game, players write scripts in JavaScript to automate gameplay, learn skills, play minigames, solve puzzles, and more in this cyberpunk text-based incremental RPG. The game is essentially a hacking simulator. The player takes the role of an unknown hacker in a dark, dystopian world. The game provides a variety of mechanics and systems that can be changed through coding and solved or automated in whatever way the player finds suitable.


The game has been in development since ca. 2016 and hundreds of developers have been contributing to the game during that time. On December 11, 2021, the game was released for Microsoft Windows and macOS, with support for Linux coming soon.

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