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Bloodlust Software is a developer of humorous PC computer games. It was originally formed in 1992 by two high school students (Ethan Petty and Icer Addis) who were angry at the rise of movements against computer game violence. To parody the situation, Bloodlust ended up making excessively violent games.



  • Executioners (1992 - DOS) - The first officially released Bloodlust game. For a homebrew game it sold relatively well. Includes midgets, cannibalism, transvestite furries and more.
  • Nogginknockers (1993 - DOS) - Pong/fighter hybrid with several original characters.
  • Nogginknockers 2 (1996 - DOS/works well in Win9x) - features new characters such as an aborted fetus, a midget, and a dominatrix.
  • Timeslaughter (1996 DOS/works well in Win9x) - Humorous Street Fighter II style fighting game with a CD soundtrack.
  • Nogginknockers X: The Duel (2000 - Win9x) - Updated graphics, but experimental gameplay that didn't work as well. Debuts several new characters.
  • Wrath of The Sea King (2000 - Win9x) Contains puzzle elements as well as overhead action. Introduced the Bloodlust character, Dust - an immortal thief seeking death.
  • Terror Firmer (2000 - Win9x) - Official game based on the Troma movie of the same name.
  • Tromaball (2000 - Win9x) - The Toxic Avenger vs. Kabukiman using the Nogginknockers X: The Duel engine.
  • Sprong! (2000 - Win9x) - Overclocked themed Pong mini-game.
  • Skippy's Revenge (2001 - Win9x) - Violent lawnmowing game based on a character from The Toxic Avenger
  • Timeslaughter II (200X - Win9x) - Currently in development.


  • Genecyst - Emulates the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. Available in DOS and Microsoft Windows
  • NESticle (1997) - Emulates the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom. Available in DOS and Windows. Has online play support. Nesticle X.XX, the final version, does not support net play, but the earlier Windows versions do.
  • Callus - An emulator that will play CPS-1 games. These range from King Arthur and Strider to Street Fighter II and with some patches even some Alphas. Available in DOS and Windows.
  • Q-Sound - a CPS support file that will let you browse music and sound. Windows only.

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