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Bob Wilson is a character from the Fatal Fury fighting game series.


Introduced in Fatal Fury 3, Bob Wilson was one of Richard Meyer's best students. He not only studied Capoeira under him, but also helped in managing the Pao Pao Café. Bob entered the King of Fighters tournament to prove his skills against seasoned fighters, and also to help earn money to fund Richard's plans of a second restaurant. After this second Pao Pao Café was built, Richard made Bob the manager. Since then, Bob has made friends with many of the local heroes of Southtown.

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  • Bob's name is a parody of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley. The beads on the dreadlocks in his hair, as well as his default colors also allude to the colors of the flag of Jamaica, where Marley was born.
  • Bob makes a cameo appearance in King of Fighters 2002 in the Mexico stage and in the background of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.
  • Bob bears a resemblance to Dee Jay from Street Fighter as both sport braids, have a thumbs-up gesture and smile, and use rhythm in their fighting style.
  • Along with Franco Bash, Bob was the only character to have his default primary colors changed with the transition of the series to the Real Bout saga.
  • All of Bob's special moves have some sort of animal named in them. For instance, he has Bison Horn, Wild Wolf, and Sidewinder among his collection of specials.

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