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He's a man that bombs. What else are you going to name him?

Bomberman is a long running video game character. He debuted in 1987 for the NES in his own self-titled game. The simple, roundish Bomberman we know wasn't always this way. On the original box art, he looked nothing like his game sprite, and more like a gun-less version of Samus Aran. Since then, he's been given a look that more closely resembles his sprite, and also a lot of those anime expressions like "^_^".

The character himself doesn't really have much personality. He's got no eating disorders, no mental insecurities, no identity crisis. He's got his bombs, his kickin' boots, and his weird little pink bobble on the top of his head. He needs no back story. Instead, Bomberman relies on gameplay to make him the fan favorite character that he is today. Since the invention of the addictive & simple multiplayer, fans of the character have grown considerably.

When his games were released on the PC, the name was changed to Dynablaster for no good reason.

Act Zero redesign[]

In 2006, scans from Famitsu revealed that Hudson Soft was working on a new more "mature" Bomberman game for the Xbox 360 called Bomberman: Act Zero. It was a huge departure from the series, showing an armored, Master Chief-like Bomberman, clad in red robotic armor, with a giant claw and superfluous chains. Many fans reacted with angry criticism of the drastic change.