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King Boo and Bowser
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Scaring people, Dark areas, Hiding, Tricks
Mario, Luigi, Professor E. Gadd, Lights, Poltergust 3000
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Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario World

The Boo is sometimes the enemy, sometimes the ally of Mario in the Mario franchise. They made their debut in Super Mario Bros. 3 in 1990. The Boo is a shy ghost that will cover its face and blush or disappear (depending on the game) when faced, but will attack when a person's back is turned.

They normally hang out in dark ghost houses or castles. They return as items in Super Mario Kart allowing the player to steal other players' items as well as turning invisible to other players and items. Boo gets a playable role in Mario Tennis and Mario Party 5. In previous Mario Party games, Boo shows up as an instrument players could use to steal money or stars from others. In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, they appeared not as a ghost, but as a statue, which would trigger an event when pushed. However, as with all types of Boo, they would disappear if faced. Mario or Luigi had to push them with their back in order to complete the local quest.

The basic design of the Boo has changed very little since their inception. Super Mario Sunshine, however, changes their look a slight bit—in this game their tongues hang out and their eyes are blue.

Named Boos[]

Luigi's Mansion Boos[]

There are fifty Boos total. All fifty of the Boos have names, except 15 of them which combine together to create the Big Boo Boss; Boolossus.

  • PeekaBoo
  • GumBoo
  • Booigi
  • Kung Boo
  • Boogie
  • Booligan
  • Boodacious
  • Boo La La
  • Boohoo
  • ShamBoo
  • GameBoo
  • Boomeo
  • Booregard
  • TurBoo
  • Booris
  • Boolivia
  • Boonita
  • Boolicious
  • TaBoo
  • BamBoo
  • GameBoo Advance
  • Bootha
  • Boonswoggle
  • LimBooger
  • Mr. Boojangles
  • UnderBoo
  • Boomerang
  • Little Boo Peep
  • TamBoorine
  • Booscaster
  • Bootique
  • Boolderdash
  • Booripides
  • Booffant
  • Boo B. Hatch

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