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BottleRocket Entertainment was a third-party video game developer founded by Jay Beard (previously head of Sony San Diego), composed primarily of former Sony San Diego employees and animators. Many of them worked on The Mark of Kri before the studio was formed.

BottleRocket Entertainment was developing Splatterhouse, an upcoming beat'em up title in the Splatterhouse franchise by Namco Bandai, but was removed from the project after an unspecified "performance issue" caused a split. Several former BottleRocket employees accepted new positions within Namco Bandai continuing their work on the title.[1]

BottleRocket Entertainment was reported to be developing a licensed title for Brash Entertainment, which was cancelled when Brash went out of business. A source in Kotaku reveals the game to be the DC Comics character, The Flash.

Jay Beard recently announced in an email to Kotaku that, "after fighting to keep the doors open for the past six months we have decided to close and move on." [2] The company was officially closed on 09/03/09, and Beard is reported to be "building a new development studio from the ground up."

List of BottleRocket Entertainment games[]

  • Rise of the Kasai - 2005 (PS2)
  • Xiaolin Showdown


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