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An adventure game set in the magical world of Rock and Roll!


The story of Brutal Legend starts with the player taking on the role as Eddie Riggs. Eddie Riggs is the greatest roadie to ever live; he can fix any smashed guitar and build any stage.

The story begins with Eddie working for an upstart Tween Metal band that has very little talent. During the concert the guitarist climbs up onto an unstable part of the stage. Seeing that the guitarist is about to fall, Eddie acts and climbs the prop and catches the guitarist, getting him out of the way of the falling prop.

The musician is safe, but the prop falls on Eddie Riggs and he bleeds onto his belt buckle, which transports Eddie to a land of prehistoric rock 'n' roll. In this land humanity has been enslaved by demon hair metal. Eddie must use all his skills as a roadie to fight the forces of evil to free humanity and save himself.

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