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Bratz Super Babyz is a video game based on the Bratz Babyz doll line.

Key Features[]

  • Relive all the excitement from the DVD Movie
  • Explore thrilling amusement park mini-games: Haunted House Maze, Bumper Cars, Whack-A-Mole
  • Go on Super Hero Missions: catching a purse snatcher, stopping a bully, finding a lost puppy
  • Unlockable features: mini-games, multiplayer levels, new accessories and outfits, clips, stills from the movie, new songs and use the DS Microphone to use Cloe's Super Shout power.
  • Play as all four Bratz Babyz (Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin) and utilize each of their individual super powers.

Plot summary[]

Aliens have landed on Earth at the Stylesville Adventure Planet. One of their alien devices, the Matter Exchanger, fell into the wrong hands and transformed the Babyz into superheroes! With their newfound Super Powers, the Babyz use their abilities to help the citizens of Stylesville and battle the evil invading aliens. Join the Super Babyz for a jammed packed action adventure that is out of this world!

Playable Characters/abilities[]

  • Cloe (Super-scream)
  • Jade (Super-sticky)
  • Sasha (Super-smarts)
  • Yasmin (Super-speed)
  • All (Flight)