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Breath of Fire is the first game in the Breath of Fire series


There are several Dragon Families. At their peak, a goddess of Desire appeared and granted them wishes. She encouraged them to fight amongst each other and the war between the dragons escalated. She was locked up by a warrior and his 7 companions with the Goddess Keys which were scattered throughout the world. The Light Dragon family was able to balance the power. However, the Light Dragons eventually renounced the Dragons and lost their abilities.

The game starts with Ryu (the protagonist of the game) being given a message by a dragon in his sleep, warning him to escape the burning second story of his house. It is revealed that under the rule of the Emperor Zog, the Dark Dragon family gathered the goddess keys, and attacked the village of the Light Dragons where Ryu lives. They did this, not realizing that the Light Dragons had renounced the dragons and were now in no position to oppose the Dark Dragon family. Sara turns the villagers into stone for their protection, and surrenders herself to the Dark Dragons. She fights off her captors, and duels with Jade until it becomes clear that she can't defeat him.

And so the story begins...