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Brutal: Paws of Fury (Animal Buranden - Brutal) is a Fighting game published by GameTek Inc. in 1994. The game features a full cast of anthropomorphic animals as selectable fighters. The game also featured an ability to learn new moves and save them via a password feature.


Brutal: Paws of Fury was published in 1994 by GameTek and Cybersoft in the US and Europe, and Kemco in Japan. The game was released on the Amiga, Mega Drive/Genesis and Mega-CD, and ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, all in the same year. A sequel, Brutal: Above the Claw, was released on the 32X and PC in 1995 with two new playable characters and a remixed introduction. The general content and gameplay has remained constant throughout all incarnations, although the SEGA releases boasted superior graphics and sound. Many fighting game fans preferred the SNES version, if only due to the 6-button controller, with a button each to correspond with strong, medium, and weak punches/kicks, while the standard Genesis 3-button controller forced players to toggle between punches and kicks. This could be remedied with use of the Genesis 6 Button Controller.

Cast of characters[]

All the characters in the game are various anthropomorphic animals. Brutal: Paws of Fury includes:

  • Kung Fu Bunny - A rabbit monk.
  • Prince Leon of Kenya - A lion rock star.
  • Rhei Rat - A rat who is an accomplished Thai boxer.
  • Tai Cheetah - A cheetah who is mentoring Kendo Coyote.
  • Kendo Coyote - A coyote who is motivated by greed.
  • Foxy Roxy - A lycra-wearing vixen, who is a politician and social activist.
  • Ivan the Bear - A bear who claims to be the strongest animal in the world.
  • Panthra - A panther who is a member of a sinister cult.
  • Karate Croc - A crocodile bar brawler.
  • Dalai Llama - A llama who is currently the holder of the Belt of Heaven championship.

Note: Karate Croc and the Dalai Llama are only playable by means of inputting a secret button sequence, and The Pantha is only available in the SEGA CD version.

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