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Bug! was a 3D rendered platform/adventure video game developed for the Sega Saturn. Released in 1995 in North America, Japan and Europe, it was one of the earliest 3D platform games. It was later ported to Windows 3.x and Windows 95 on August 31, 1996 by Beam Software, on one CD that contains both versions of the game.


The background plot centers around the title character, Bug, a famous Hollywood star hoping to make his "biggest break" ever. Players take control shortly after Bug has signed up a deal for the lead role in an action film in which his girlfriend is kidnapped by a black widow and must set out to rescue her. The gameplay takes place "on the set" of each scene and cutscenes between levels indicate Bug moving over from one set to the next.


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Bug! was played like a traditional side-scrolling adventure game. In the same fashion as Sonic the Hedgehog (in one level you must race against Sonic), Bug must jump and stomp on the heads of his enemies to defeat them while making his way through large levels and collecting power-ups. What sets Bug! apart is the game's 3D levels, which take the side-view and tweak it. Bug can walk sidewise up vertical surfaces and even upside down. Each set of levels (ranging from a bright, green grassy area to a deep red, desert level) has a deeply individual look and feel.


Character Description
Bug (Voiced by John Frost) "Our hero is a razor-witted, irreverent mighty mite with feelers, who uses his derriere and deadly aim to trounce upon enemies. Despite his lack of manners, Bug is convinced he can turn this role into an award-winning performance."
Bee-52 "Battle-scarred but still able, Bee-52 is on the prowl for action. This buzzy foe often buzzes around power-ups."
Daddy-O Longlegs "Too cool, this dude is Queen Cadavra's only surviving ex. He's a jive-talking hipster whose main occupation is hanging out - and avoiding his poisonous former spouse. Collect a Coin power-up and then find Daddy-O. He'll take you on a warp to a mini bonus round."
Queen Cadavra "With her insatiable appetite for bugs, this porky prima donna is intent on devouring all the denizens of Bug Island. She's brassy, loud, egotistical and obnoxious. When she's not eating her minions, she's chewing them out!"


To change the pace of the gameplay every once in a while (in case gamers got tired of the constant jumping-and-stomping strategy), players could additionally pick up 2 unique power-ups to give Bug added forms of attack. One gives him an electric zapping attack which was best used in close-quarters while another gave him a toxic spitting attack for ranged combat. There are also blue crystals in which can help you qualify for a "Dragon Ring Chase" bonus round.

Power-Up/Item Description
Blue Crystals (Item) "These gems get you to the bonus round at the end of each world. Pick up at least 100 Blue Crystals in each round (the screen counter keeps a running total) to earn a Dragonfly Icon. Grab 3 icons and you'll get to play the Dragonfly Ring Chase after clearing each level."
Bug Juice (Power-Up) "A healthy drink that fully restores Bug's health."
1-Up (Item) "Supplies Bug with an extra life."
Clapper Board (Item) "A valuable collectible, worth 1 additional continue."
Spit Wads "Energizes your Spit Attack. Pick up one of these, then press Button B to get 'em with a glob. You'll find Spit Wads in 4 delicious flavors:
  • Green - Single-glob fire.
  • Red - Double-glob fire.
  • Blue - Rapid fire.
  • Purple - Bouncing ricochet fire.
Zap Cap (Power-Up) "Energizes your Zap Attack. After collecting this power-up, press Button A for an electrifying energy blast."


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