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Bully is an open-world third-person action game developed by Rockstar Vancouver. The game revolves around a new student in a boarding school who must overcome the challenges of school life.


Bully follows the story of Jimmy Hopkins, a 15-year old boy whose behavior and bad attitude has gotten him expelled from several schools. His mother and her new husband, whom Jimmy detests, decides it's best for him to go to a reform school called Bullworth while they enjoy their year-long honeymoon. Once he arrives at Bullworth, Jimmy realized how much of a "dump" the school is as it's filled with bullies, psychopaths and losers. Jimmy meets Gary Smith, a mentally unstable student, and Petey, a meek and relatively weak student, and initially hangs out with them, under Gary's leadership. After getting mixed up with the Bullies and angering the Bullies' leader, Russell, Jimmy beats Russell in a fight that Gary admits he set up. Gary turns on them both when he assumes Jimmy is trying to take over the school behind his back. After the fight, Jimmy and Russell make amends and the Bullies become friendly towards Jimmy, however, his problems are only beginning.

After witnessing Jimmy fight against Russell, the preps take interest in him and invite him to their boxing club. Jimmy meets Pinky, the resident female prep and Derby Harrington's cousin. Jimmy becomes friendly towards her, and even takes her out on a date to the carnival. The preps turn hostile after this, and paired with Gary spreading nasty rumors about their "incest", begin to turn on Jimmy. Ultimately, Jimmy fights their second-in-command Bif in a boxing match, and after boasting about being the "king", Derby Harrington, the leader of the preps challenge him to a fight. When Derby is defeated, Jimmy convinces them to stop bullying, which they agree to, and they become friendly towards Jimmy.

After solving the prep's problems, one of the greasers approaches Jimmy, saying that Johnny Vincent, their leader, needs help. Initially declining to help them, Petey mentions it might be a good idea to get information on Gary. When Jimmy meets Johnny Vincent in Bullworth Town, he is initially hostile because he thinks Jimmy, like the rest of the students, are laughing at him because his girlfriend, Lola, gets around. He is really angered by the fact she's getting around with a few members of the preps, and Algernon, a nerdy student. Jimmy investigates the rumors to find out they are true and Johnny appreciates his help. However, the greasers begin to unfairly harass prep Chad and Algernon, which Jimmy help them escape from New Coventry. In the meanwhile, Lola and Johnny break up, and she requests that Jimmy goes to their hangout inside some abandoned tenements where he can pick her up stuff. Jimmy manages to fight all the greasers, including the second-in-command Norton, however a huge fight breaks out between the preps and greasers in town. After helping the preps, Jimmy once again boasts his prowess, which Johnny Vincent overhears. Johnny leads him to a bike arena where they fight. Once Johnny is defeated, the greasers agree to stop their bullying.

With three cliques under Jimmy's control, he turns his attention to the jocks after he witnesses them bullying Pete. However, he needs to make friends with the nerds, first, and that will require going after their leader, Earnest. After defeating Earnest, he agrees that the nerds will help. Earnest comes up with a plan that will hurt the jock's morale, which includes taking naughty pictures of their cheerleader, Mandy, and posting the pictures all over the school and town. Once Jimmy sees how upset Mandy gets, he volunteers to paint over the posters for her. Afterwards, he visits Earnest in their stronghold who has a great idea on how to get revenge on the jocks during their upcoming football game. This will require getting the mascot uniform and sabotaging the sports drink, the benches, the field, the scoreboard, and, ultimately, the football. During the big game, Jimmy confronts Ted, the jock leader and quarterback and ultimately defeats him.

Now that Jimmy has all the clique under his control, he is seen living the high life with all the leaders worshipping him as the king. They come up with the idea that Jimmy should leave his mark on town hall, which he sets out to do immediately. He climbs to the top of Bullworth Town's city hall and spray paints "BULLWORTHLESS" on it. When he returns to school, he finds that everything is falling apart, and "everyone wants to pick a fight". Someone had let loose a bunch of rats in the library and set the gym on fire, with some unknown male running out of the locker room after the fires are put out. Furthermore, Johnny Vincent has gone missing, with reason to believe he has been taken to the Happy Volts Asylum after him and Lola broke up. After doing this, he meets a dropout by the name of Zoe, who was expelled after complaining about Mr. Burton's harassment. She and Jimmy share a mutual dislike for him, so they play a disgusting prank on him during his jog in the park. Afterwards, Jimmy helps the preps by finding out who broke into Harrington house and stole all their trophies. Jimmy heads to the Blue Skies Industrial Park where he finds a bunch of townies, Bullworth dropouts, placing rats in shipping crates and burning the trophy collection. Even with photographic evidence, the preps don't believe him. None of the other students believe or trust Jimmy, either, at this point and the following day he is called to the principal's office, where Dr. Crabblesnitch expels him after Gary reportedly tattled on Jimmy for spraying the graffiti over city hall. He also sent a letter to Jimmy's mother, but considering she is still on her honeymoon, he will have to be allowed to stay at Bullworth, but cannot attend classes, or wear the school uniform.

Jimmy meets with Petey, who is upset at Jimmy's expulsion, but encourages him to find out what's going on with the townies, but to do that, he'll need the help of someone who doesn't hate him: Russell. When Jimmy goes to Russell's house, he is more than willing to help and even provides an extra scooter. Jimmy follows Russell to the meat packing facility, where he busts in through the gate and drawing police attention. Zoe meets up with Jimmy and helps him find his way through the chemical plant, which has been taken over by the townies. In order to get the townies to help, he has to fight Edgar inside the chemical plant. Once he does so, the townies agree to help him. When he goes to visit Zoe again, she mentions the school has broken out into a massive riot with everyone fighting each other around the school and that Russell has barricaded himself inside the meat packing warehouse, because he's afraid of going to prison. While Zoe goes to roundup the townies, Jimmy tracks down Russell, and they all end up meeting outside the school gates. Jimmy, with Russell's help, defeats the leaders of each clique before ultimately going after Gary. When Jimmy goes into the school, he sees that Edgar has beaten up a few members of the bullies (who remain absent for the entirety of the riot along with the non-clique students, little kids, girls, and prefects). Jimmy, caught off guard by the prefects, gets his slingshot taken away but Russell chases after them. Immediately afterwards, Gary begins insulting Jimmy over the PA system when an angered Jimmy chases after him.

Jimmy confronts Gary on the roof of the school, where Gary explains how his plan ultimately came together, and how Jimmy was too stupid to realize what was going on. When asked why he does it, Gary replies just that he can. After Jimmy beats Gary in the fight, the two fall through the glass windows and into Dr. Crabblesnitch's office, where the latter, who was bound to a chair the entire time, overheard everything Gary said and orders his expulsion immediately. Jimmy then mentions that Petey should be the head boy for his help, and Zoe should be re-enrolled, and Mr. Burton, the perverted gym coach, fired for harassment. Jimmy also mentions the letter to his mother, to which Crabblesnitch replies "What letter?" while smiling. All the students and faculty outside cheer on Jimmy as he walks out of the school.


Bully Limited Edition[]

Bully Limited Edition PS2 NA Box Art.jpg

The special edition includes a limited edition comic book, and a dodgeball of the same style as the ones used in the game, with the word "Bully" engraved on it. It is unknown whether there is a special edition for other markets.

Scholarship Edition[]

Bully wii.jpg

Bully Scholarship Edition was released on March 4, 2008. It features four new characters, four new classes, and 2 player mini-games. It was released for both the Xbox 360 and the Wii.

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