Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures

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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures
Basic Information
Video Game
Magic Wand Productions, FUN Labs, Sand Grain Studios, Torus Games
Activision Value, Zoo Digital Publishing
Big Game Hunter
Sports, Hunting
Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube and Game Boy Advance
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 AdventuresCabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures
European Union European Release Date(s)
Game Boy Advance
October 102004
October 142005
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
September 62004
PlayStation 2
September 62004
Game Boy Advance
November 102004
November 232004
December 92004
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Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventure is a 2004 hunting video game published by Activision Value. In the Career mode, players progress through six geographical regions, each with several sub-levels. Each sublevel has a specific animal to hunt, and occasionally the player will encounter other objectives within a level. Money is earned along the way, which can be spent on more-advanced firearms and other equipment. A few opportunities will arise for the player to win a gun by completing certain tasks.

Trophy codes are provided for the animals successfully killed, which can be entered on the Cabela's Games website, but these become inaccessible once a career has been completed, so it is advisable to write them down if the player wants to post them online.

Other play modes include Quick Hunt, starting with one sublevel per region; other levels become available as they are completed in the Career mode, and Tournaments, including skeet shooting.

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