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Call of Duty is a first person shooter (FPS) for the PC and Macintosh, based on the Quake III engine. Call of Duty also has an expansion pack named Call of Duty: United Offensive which was released a year later. It is based around the European theater of World War II and begins at the start of the American invasion on D-Day (although not based on the clichéd Normandy Invasion) and ends with the Russian advance into Berlin. The game simulates the warfare infantry battles and combined force battles There Was Going To Be Versions For The PlayStation, Dreamcast And PC But Due to their commercial Failure These three versions were Cancelled.. You play as (throughout your campaign) Private Martin of the United States, Sgt. Alexi Ivanovish of Russia and Sgt. Jack Evans for the British.

Call of Duty has an engaging multiplayer mode with a very large audience. Multiplayer spans six modes and a plethora of maps pitting the Germans and the given allied side against one another, custom maps can also be made by any 3rd or 4th party audience. Multiplayer is now in its final version of 1.5.

A significantly redesigned console incarnation, Call of Duty: Finest Hour, was also produced. The console version has an entirely different storyline with the same game engine. A sequel, the long-awaited Call of Duty 2 soon followed in October 2005. The third installment, Call of Duty 3, was released in November 2006 exclusively for consoles and developed by Treyarch instead of Infinity Ward.

Multiplayer modes[]

Call of Duty Firing

The multiplayer mode of this game is similar to that of many first-person shooters; with random respawning in deathmatch mode, selection of weapons at the start of the game (and the possibility of selecting to respawn with a different weapon), and reasonably fast-paced gameplay.

The multiplayer game includes the following modes of game play:

Behind Enemy Lines[]

Soldier Controlling a Machine Gun

Players are automatically assigned to either the Axis or the Allied team. The Allied team is "behind the lines". There are just a few Allied players (one or more) who must evade the Axis and survive as long as possible. Staying alive for a certain amount of time adds points to your score. The Axis must hunt down the Allies via compass markers and eliminate them. When an Axis player successfully finds and kills one of the Allied team, the players switch teams, and the hunter becomes the hunted. The winner is the first player to reach the specified points threshold, or has the most points when time runs out.


In deathmatch, players attack each other in a free for all format and at the end of the time limit, the player with the most points (kills) wins. You can be any side that the map allows and use any weapon, depending on whether the server lets you. Remember that server modifications can be made to servers so gameplay may change during multiplayer experience.

Team Deathmatch[]

A Sniper Shot

Players are on one of two teams and attack the other team. The game ends at the end of a specified time limit. The team with the most points(kills) wins. A notable feature of Call of Duty team deathmatch is that in contrast to most team deathmatch modes of first-person shooters, where the teams will always spawn in the same place; the spawns change depending on the location of teammates. Thus, it is possible to drive the enemy out of a position and have teammates begin to spawn there; at the same time the enemy will begin to spawn in a different place. This is perhaps the most popular game mode.


The retrieval gametype is a team mode similar to classic capture the flag modes except the object must be retrieved within a round meaning players who die are out of the game until the following round. If all the members of either team are eliminated or the object is retrieved then the round also ends with the winning team receiving a point. The mode is generally played with numerous rounds on each map and the team with the specified amount of wins according to the server wins the match.

Search & Destroy[]

This round-based gametype, much like Counter-Strike Demolition, sees players split into attacking and defending teams. Players who are killed will not respawn until the following round. A round ends when all the players of one team have been eliminated or an objective has been completed, the winning team received a point and these points are used to decide the winner when the game is played over multiple rounds. The objective for the attackers is to plant a time bomb on a compass-directed target. The bomb starts its countdown once planted next to the target. The defenders must protect the object either by keeping the bomb from being planted or defusing it while it is counting down. All official maps have two separate objects which can be attacked, although only one bomb may be planted. Players plant or defuse the bomb simply by pressing the use key. In many leagues such as CAL, this is the gametype of choice for competitive matches.


Headquarters was added into the game with the version 1.2 patch. The mode consists of teams of players attempting to capture radios which appear around the map. A radio is captured by standing by it when no enemies are nearby. The team who last captured the radio holds it and gains 45 points per 45 seconds (time and point rate can be changed). When the opposing team destroys the radio, or 4.5 minutes is up, a new, neutral radio appears elsewhere on the map. The winner is the team with the most points when time runs out. This in effect creates "mini-bases" or headquarters, in which one side will capture the radio and attempt to protect it by any means necessary. Given the fact that most radios are placed in locations ranging from an open field to abandoned homes, the defenders must come up with creative locations to settle in while the offensive coordinates their attack.

Upon being killed a player may have to wait up to 40 seconds to re-spawn (known as reinforced) depending on the time they are killed during the constant 45 second reinforcement countdown (being killed within the first 5 seconds a player is typically awarded another spawn). However if a radio is captured or destroyed the countdown is automatically reset with everyone "reinforced".

This waiting period encourages players to be more focused on gaining points and protecting their radio (as opposed to simply running around and killing opponents) as well as promoting teamwork.

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