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Call of Duty: World at War is a first-person shooter game developed by Treyarch and published by Activison. It was released November 11, 2008 in North America, November 12, 2008 in Australia, and November 14, 2008 in Europe. It is the fifth installment to the Call of Duty series. The game is set in the Pacific & Eastern Front of World War II. The DS, PS2 and mobile versions are different to "main" versions. DS' story follows loosely the "main" versions, does not have as good graphics, no FMVs and its single player has more missions.[1] PS2 has no multiplayer and has other missions and story.[2] The mobile version is a top-down shooter.[3]


The storyline follows Pvt.Miller, a U.S. Marine of the Carlson Raiders in the battle of Peililiu and invasion of Okinawa and Dimitri Pentrenko, a Red Army soldier who fights from the Battle of Stalingrad to the Push to Berlin.

US campaign[]

Pvt. Miller is saved by his squad, including Sgt. Sullivan and Cpl. Roebuck from Japanese captivity. They escape the island after blowing up an ammunition depot. A few years later, Miller fights in the battle of Peililiu. They call in naval bombardments on enemy bunkers. They eventually break through Japanese lines, but Sgt. Sullivan is killed by a Japanese soldier. Cpl. Roebuck takes over as command, becoming Sgt. Roebuck. Eventually they take over Peililiu island before assisting in the invasion of Okinawa. They reach the final stand off in Shuri Castle. They reach 3 Japanese soldiers who try to steal their weapons. The player can save Sgt. Roebuck if they act fast, but otherwise he will die. The squad call in missile strikes on the enemy positions and survive the onslaught.

Soviet campaign[]

Dimitri's squad is decimated in the Battle of Stalingrad. He meets Sgt.Reznov, a wounded sniper who helps him escape. They head through the battlezone where they assassinate General Amsel. Three years later during the Push to Berlin, Reznov, now a Sub-Machine Gunner, finds Dimitri after him being held hostage by Germans. It is here also Chernov, a rifleman is introduced, who shows a more merciful side, refusing to execute soldiers already bleeding to death. They fight through Seelow where Reznov allows Dimitri to ride on the back of a tank, but disallows Chernov from doing so. Further on, they fight in the Battle of Berlin. As they battle through an underground metro station, the Nazi's flood the tunnel in an attempt to kill the Soviets and stop their advance. Their adventure culminates in the Battle at the Reichstag. They fight through the building. Chernov is severely burned by a flamethrower-wielding German soldier, leaving Dimitri to raise the flag. As he walks down the steps, he is shot by a German soldier (presumably in the neck). Reznov kills the soldier with his machete and helps Dimitri to raise the flag. Dimitri is shortly introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops and is killed by Nova-6 gas in a betrayal by a Russian General shortly after World War II.



The game has an average of 84.58% for PS3, 84.44% for PC, 85.67% for Xbox 360, 83.17% for wii, 78.54% for DS and 67.50% for PS2 on GameRankings.[4][5]

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