Codex Gamicus

Main Characters[]

  • Sgt. Glenn "Hawk" Hawkins

Born in Duluth, Minnesota, Hawk supported his mother and two sisters through high school after their father left for work and never returned. He has a stoic demeanor and is a man of few words. He does have a dry wit that helps him bond with his men. He commands the main character, Pvt. Denley, Pvt. Kelly and Pvt. Bloomfield. He was wounded in the chapters Counterattack, Piano Lupo, and the last time he was wounded was in An Easy Detail, by enemy machine gunners while trying to break down a fence. After being wounded for the third time, he possibly went home or died of his wounds and you (the main character) ended up being promoted to sergeant.

  • Pvt. Alvin "Brooklyn" Bloomfield

Despite his nickname, Bloomfield is actually from the Bronx. He is the youngest of a Jewish family where his mother kept the house while his father ran a deli. He is a huge baseball fan and would skip school whenever possible to watch Joe DiMaggio play ball. He admits he "don't got the smarts"(Activision) and enlisted so he wouldn't have to go to college. At first he wanted to join the air force but he was too short. He was killed in action in the "Dragon's Teeth" chapter by a mortar round, while trying to cut some barbed wire.

  • Pvt. Stephen Kelly

Originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Kelly led an affluent life as the only child of a rich and respected surgeon. Graduating at the top of the class, he went to study English and French Literature at Yale University before being drafted after his second year at school. He always loved to read and kept a journal of his thoughts. A thin 20-year old kid with red hair and glasses.

  • Pvt. Victor "Vic" Denley

Denley spent his formative years in small town Jean, Texas where his father was a mechanic who ran the local filling station. He attended school at Wichita Falls, and while he never made much of a mark with his grades, he was one hell of a line-backer for the state-ranked Bulldogs. He enlisted with the intention of "tearin' off Hitler's moustache and shoving it up his..." He is a notoriously bad shot. It took him an entire clip to hit a practice target only 45 feet away. He was killed in action in Troina in the "Farewell to Friends" chapter, while breaking down a door with an enemy machine gunner behind it.

  • Lt. Norman Delaney

Originally from Chicago, Delaney was a born leader. His father a decorated WWI Lieutenant, encouraged his son to take the challenge at the West Point's demanding curriculum. He quickly excelled there, and became obsessed with the tactics of war. One thing that sets Lt. Delaney apart is his ability to remember the names and stories of every soldier under his command.

  • Pvt. John Jackson "Schmitty" Smith

Born and raised outside of Cleveland, Schmitty was always good with his hands. His father worked in a bank and his mother was an elementary school teacher, but he was never happy unless he was fixing a piece of machinery. Long before the war in Europe, Schmitty was a mechanic in the Artillery Division where he fixed guns and vehicles for several years. However the 1st Infantry Division needed replacements and he was suddenly heading into battle without a day of training to replace Pvt. Denley. His time fixing wrecked machinery has left a bit doughy.

Secondary Characters[]

  • Pvt. Andy Allen

Introduced and killed in the prologue chapter, Allen is a young soldier with little experience. He is hated by Pvt. Bloomfield. He was a replacement who was willing to see action. He fights with you for most of the mission, but dies in a German counter-attack.

  • Pvt. Manny Castillo

Introduced and killed in the "An Easy Detail" chapter, Manny Castillo was a driver in a Jeep who later crashed. Listed on the characters list in bonus features for some reason.

  • Pvt. McLaughlin

Introduced in "An Easy Detail", he never speaks and is only there to help kill Germans. He is killed when the squad is trying to defend a mill.

  • P.O. Mangin

Introduced in "Piano Lupo", Mangin was a whiny Navy rifleman who was also a radio officer.

  • Col. Young

Introduced in Operation Husky, he is a member of the 82nd Airborne who was in a crash with a WACO glider. He escaped unscathed with 3 more soldiers and assists you with the Italian counterattack.

  • Cpt. James

Introduced in "Piano Lupo", he is a paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division. He provides information about the Herman Goering Panzer Division.

  • Sgt. Hassler

Introduced in "Desert Fox", he is an engineer who disarms the mines for the American Armor.

  • "Stretch"

You play as Stretch in "Liberators" as a gunner and bombardier on a B-24 Liberator. Most likely your brother in the game.

  • Lt. Schriebner

He is the navigator of the bomber in "Liberators".

  • Lt. Elliot

Pilot of the Bomber in "Liberators".

  • Lt. Roberts

Co-pilot of the bomber in "Liberators". Is killed by a fighter, along with Lt. Van Buren and Cpl. Johnson.

  • Lt. Van Buren

The radio operator of the bomber in "Liberators". He is killed when a fighter came in shooting at the plane, killing Lt. Roberts and Cpl. Johnson as well.

  • Cpl. Dunne

He is on the turret on top of the bomber in "Liberators".

  • Cpl. Johnson

He is on the tail turret in "Liberators". Is killed when a fighter came in shooting at the bomber.

  • Pvt. Parker

He is the soldier who meets you on the bridge in "Operation Husky". He is later blown up by an Italian grenade. He is a radio operator but lost his radio on the beach.

  • Pvt. O' Bryant

On "Desert Fox", O' Bryant meets you when he, Hawk and Kelly pull up after the minefield is cleared.

  • Pvt. Wheeler and Pvt. Hurst

On "The Desert Fox", these are Sgt. Hassler's boys.

  • Pvt. McCord

He accompanies you with a radio in the "Piano Lupo" mission. Can be seen in the "Operation Husky" where he helps take out a MG nest.

  • Pvt. Saunders, Blackburn and Rutherford

All introduced and killed on the "Operation Husky" mission. Rutherford was the driver of your DUKW. Pvt. Blackburn carried a Bazooka. Both Blackburn and Saunders were killed by a mortar round when trying to run across a part of a beach so they could take out concertina wire. Rutherford was shot after kicking down a pillbox door.

  • Cpt. Stavro and Cpl. Edrich

Medics in the "Great Crusade" chapter. Cpl. Edrich is killed.

  • Pvt. Dickinson and Pvt. Simon

Introduced and killed in the "Operation Husky" mission. Both soldiers die trying to assault a machine gun nest when trying to help your squad out.

  • Pvt. Dean and Pvt. Wilhelm

Two soldiers who are killed when the pillbox they are in is hit by an tank round. Both are in the "Piano Lupo" chapter

  • Pvt. Robinson and Pvt. Dawkins

Two soldiers introduced in the"The Desert Fox" chapter and help you and your squad retake captured Allied artillery.

Tertiary Characters[]

  • Pvt. Fahey

He is a Rifleman for the 504, seen in Piano Lupo at a camp. He stands at the front of the tent and stands next to Pvt. Summers.

  • Pvt. Summers

He is a Rifleman for the 504, seen in Piano Lupo at a camp. He stands at the front of the tent and stands next to Pvt. Fahey.

  • Pvt. Glover

He is a Rifleman for the 504, seen in Piano Lupo at a camp. He stands in front of the tents with a Medic and a solider who is being treated on the floor.

  • Pvt. Neiwert

He is a Rifleman for the 504, seen in Piano Lupo at a camp. He is seen in front of the tent on the floor alone, in pain.

  • Pvt. Clements

He is a Rifleman for the 504, seen in Piano Lupo at a camp. He is seen west of the Tent on the floor alone, breathing heavily.

  • Pvt. Twohill

He is a Rifleman for the 504, seen in Piano Lupo at a camp. He is seen sitting in front of the entrance of the tent sitting up against some sand bags.

  • Pvt Peterson

Despite the fact he can die like any other solider, he's always with you at the start of Fairwell to Friends