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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has a selection of unlockable cheats, each are below. Feel free to add to this article by selecting edit above. However, it also has console command cheats.

Intended Cheats[]

To unlock the menu you must have completed the main campaign on any difficulty. You can trigger them on the pause menu

Cheat Name: CoD Noir
Intel Items Required: 2
Effect: Plays the game in black and white

Cheat Name: Photo-Negative
Intel Items Required: 4
Effect: Plays the game with inverted colours

Cheat Name: Super Contrast
Intel Items Required: 6
Effect: Increases contrast

Cheat Name: Ragtime Warfare
Intel Items Required: 8
Effect: All colour is faded and yellowed with dust and scratches on the screen. The game plays at double speed, with Piano Music playing. This makes it play like a silent movie, not as cool as slo-mo unfortunately.

Cheat Name: Paintball
This cheat is exclusive to the Wii version of the game
Intel Items Required: 8
Effect: Weapons shoot lethal paintballs, and sound effects are modified to sound like actual paintball guns. Too bad there wasn't a paintball map. The damage is unaffected though.

Cheat Name: Cluster Bomb
Intel Items Required: 10
Effect: Throwing a single grenade results in another four spawning from it. This results in the damage of 5 grenades. No more of the AI running away, eh?

Cheat Name: A Bad Year (360/PC/PS3)
Intel Items Required: 15
Effect: Enemies turn into tires when killed. They will not drop grenade bags, and they cannot go into final stand.

Cheat Name: A Bad Year (Wii)
Intel Items Required: 15
Effect: Same as above, except only headshots will trigger the effect.

Cheat Name: Slow-Mo Ability
Intel Items Required: 20
Effect: Takes away your knife. Instead, the melee button will slow down the game. You'll never miss a shot again.

Cheat Name: Infinite Ammo
Intel Items Required: 30
Effect: Weapons have infinite ammo. RPGs and Grenade Launchers are fully automatic. Unfortunately, this does not effect inventory items such as C4 and Claymores.

Unintended Cheats[]


You will need to perform the following routine to enable these cheats. THEY ARE ONLY POSSIBLE ON THE PC VERSION OF THE GAME.

  1. Press the title [~] key on your keyboard to open the command console.
  2. Type in seta thereisacow "1337"
  3. Press Enter
  4. Type in spdevmap bog_a
  5. Press Enter
  6. Command consoles can now be executed by pressing "~", typing in the command and pressing enter.

Cheat List[]

Code Effect
give all Gives all weapons, including Default Weapon
cg_LaserForceOn 1

Forces laser sight on all weapons

jump_height # Changes jump height (Default: 39)
timescale # Adjusts speed (Default: 1.0)
sf_use_ignoreammo 1 Allows you to shoot while reloading
r_fullbright Full brightness
notarget Enemies do not attack you
give ammo Replenish ammo
god God mode, you will not take any damage
demigod God mode, but screen will still shake
kill Kills the player
noclip User can pass through any objects, otherwise known as No-clipping
take all Removes all items from your inventory, as well as your health.
take ammo Removes your ammo
cg_drawGun Removes your weapon
ufo See noclip
player_sprintSpeedScale Set the player's sprint speed
cg_laserlight 1 Draw the light from the laser
cg_fov Changes Field of View