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Candy Disaster - Tower Defense is a 3D strategy tower defense game developed and published by ACE Entertainment on January 15, 2021. This game combines strategies and traps to prevent candy-themed zombies from collecting the player's candies.


In this game, there is a scientist called Jick, who has to help a friend collect the M89KD Energy Candies scattered on different planets. During their adventure, there will be lots of different enemies who will try to collect the candies for themselves.


The EA version of this game contains Night Club and Storm Desert. The Night Club operates in a forest scenery while Storm Desert takes place in the desert with ancient pyramids. Both of these maps contain different mechanics. Moreover, according to the developers, two new maps called "Ice and Snow Cemetery" and "Candy Factory" will be coming in the near future.

Enemy skills[]

Throughout this game, the player will encounter a wide variety of different enemies, all of them with different skills, so in this case, they will have to choose the right trap to fight against them, like the Gravity Net can take down flying enemies by making them land.

Traps and combinations[]

In this game, there are a wide variety of traps, and the player can combine the different traps to create their own way to fend off the enemies. For example, wooden arrows can turn into fire arrows with the help of flame. They can change the direction of any “bullet” traps.


  • Left-click - drag the map
  • Right-click - turn the view
  • Mouse wheel - zoom in/out