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Captain Planet (also known as Captain Planet and the Planeteers) was a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Mindscape in 1990. The game is loosely based on the environmentalist animated series, Captain Planet and the Planeteers and was produced by the third party developer Mindscape Inc. The company also created different games using the license for the Amiga/Atari ST and ZX Spectrum/Amstrad CPC.


The game has five levels, each of which was divided into two different type of stages. The first stage involves controlling the international teenager heroes (Planeteers) flying their Eco-Jet to some enemy fortress, while trying to avoid the instant death that occurs by touching any of the scenery or getting hit by the various projectives.

The second stage involves controlling Captain Planet himself as he fights his way to an ecovillain from the animated series.


Most video game critics panned the game for its weak graphics, limited playability and difficulty. Mindscape was one of the many third party publishers of NES games that had a reputation of releasing low quality products.

The difficulty in the game arose from the fact that the various powers of the geocruiser or Captain Planet had to be cycled through while the player was being actively attacked.


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