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Captain Quazar is a science fiction third-person action game by developer Cyclone Studios, first published in 1996 by 3DO. Though initially released as an exclusive for 3DO's Interactive Multiplayer console, when the system met with little public success, Captain Quazar was ported to the Windows 95 PC platform in 1997 (a route followed by many other 3DO console titles).


The game is a tongue-in-cheek science fiction adventure. The player controls the titular character Captain Quazar, a not-too-bright, futuristic, Rambo-style law enforcement officer as he crosses the galaxy on missions for his irate police chief.


The player controls the titular character of Captain Quazar from a third-person, isometric view. The player is able to utilize a variety of futuristic and fantastical guns, missiles, and bombs. Different weapons can be picked up or bought at the beginning, and at certain places within each level. Enemies can also occasionally be interrogated for information, which can open up secret levels and items. The game only allows the player to save at the beginning of each level.

This game will not run on modern operating systems, post Windows 95, unless compatibility mode is toggled for post Windows 95 operating systems.

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