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Capture the flag
Basic Information

In video gaming Capture the flag (usually abbreviated as CTF) is a game mode that revolves around two teams who are tasked with capturing a flag in their opponent's base; once obtained, it must be brought back to their own base, usually while their own flag remains in place.

In a game of CTF, players are split into two teams (though the mechanics of the game easily allow for more teams, it is usually simplified to just two). Each team has a home base and a flag. A team scores points by taking the opposing team's flag and returning it to their own home base. Therefore, each team has two functions, offense and defense, and the micromanagement of each is key to success.

Capture the Flag is usually a game mode in first-person shooters. As such, it differs from "deathmatch"-type modes in that killing other players does not score, or scores very little in relation to a flag capture, and killing is primarily a utility to facilitate or prevent flag capturing.


One Flag CTF[]

One team has a flag it must defend, while the other team must attack the base and bring the flag back.

Classic CTF[]

Both teams have a flag and must control their flag while capturing the enemy's.

Neutral Flag (one flag CTF)[]

One flag is usually in the center of the map. The team must return this flag to their own base, as opposed to the other base in Neutral Assault.


Both teams have a flag (or explosive of some kind) that must be moved into the enemy team's base.

Neutral Assault[]

In this variant there is only one flag, usually in the middle of the map. The objective is still to grab the flag and take it to the enemy base and place it in a flag stand there, upon which the team scores and the flag reappears in the middle of the map.

This version can even be played with just one base on the entire map.