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Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures is a computer game collection based on the Pixar film Cars.It is intended for the early childhood market.


Each game is five levels. Each Legend's Race is played as Lightning McQueen. If you win the game, you unlock the legend's race's secret. If you beat your best time in the Legend's race, you will unlock the Photo Background. If you beat your score or time in the activity, you unlock the paint job. All of the paint jobs are Lightning McQueen paint jobs. Most of the games are played as Lightning, but some aren't. On the top is a gas meter. Each time you do something wrong, the gas meter goes down by 1/4. When it empties, you lose. Every Legend's Race is straight through Main Street. In the chart below, the games are listed in order, but the races aren't.

Activity Rules Legend's Race Race Number Song Artists/Composer
Hip Hop It Up
  • Watch the arrows above Ramone when he performs his dance moves.
  • Listen really closely to the beat and then time your mouse clicks to the same beats. Each time you do, you'll repeat one of Ramone's moves.
  • If an arrow turns green, that means you did the dance moves perfectly - just like Ramone!
Ramone 4 C'mon Let's Go Los Lobos
Luigi's Fantastico Fun!
  • Move Guido back and forth to catch the tires.
  • Press and hold the mouse button to turn Guido from side to side. Remember, don't catch anything that isn't a tire!
  • And watch out! If you let go of the mouse button too soon, Guido will drop the tire.
Luigi 7
Fill `Er Up
  • To learn how to make these gas pumps work, watch the pictures light up and remember the order.
  • Light the pictures up in the same order as before, and you'll treat each customer to full service!
  • After each customer, the order will get a little harder to remember.
Flo 8 Best Looking Guy in Town Natural Born Hippies
Radiator Springs Curios
  • Before you press start, try to remember where everything is hanging on the wall at Lizzie's Curio Shop.
  • Press the mouse button to drag each item back up to the wall and place it in its original spot.
  • Some of Lizzie's items are almost the same size and might fit in more than one spot, so be sure to memorize where everything was hanging.
Lizzie 9 Rusty Fenders Bruno Coon
Doc's Tune Up
  • Press and hold down the mouse button to drag the little pieces of hardware out of the cars' tailpipes.
  • You can make the whole screen slide over by moving the mouse to the left, but be sure you aren't holding onto anything when you do it - or you'll lose what you're holding, and have to start again.
  • While you're dragging the hardware through the tailpipe, be real careful not to touch the sides or anything that's moving.
Doc Hudson 2 Slidin' Home Bruno Coon
Sarge's Boot Camp
  • Work your way through Sarge's obstacle course.
  • Press the mouse button to jump.
  • Be careful! Some of those obstacles are just too big to jump over. You'll have to drive around them.
Sarge 5 Sarge's March Bruno Coon
Tow the Line
  • Drive right up to a car to add it to your tow line.
  • If you see a red blinking car, then you'll have to drive around the impound lot and find a new tow hook so you can hook up that car.
  • Be careful not to run into any cousins at the back of the line, and stay away from the fences.
Mater 6 One More Chicken Bruno Coon
Drive-In and Out
  • To clear a path out of the drive-in, you'll have to move the customers out of the way.
  • You can move the customers forwards and backwards, but you can't turn them.
  • You don't have much time, so try to think about the best way to get through the crowd.
Sheriff 3 Rock this Town Stray Cats
Tractor Roundup
  • You gotta keep the tractors in the field, so round them up as fast as you can, otherwise, they might get loose and drive all over town!
  • Press and hold the mouse button to draw a circle around each tractor. That will tip them over.
  • Don't bump into the tractors, and remember - stay away from fences!
Tractor 10 Tractor Tipping Blues Bruno Coon
Speed Trap
  • Help catch those troublemaking hot rods! Better move quickly, or they'll get away!
  • You're faster than they are, but they have a big head start.
  • Stay away from any obstacles on the road that might slow you down.
Chick Hicks 1 Here Comes Sheriff Bruno Coon
Legend's Race
  • To see when you need to change gears, look at the meter at the top of the screen/
  • Then, click the mouse button to go into the next gear.
  • To be a real champ, unlock each legends race secret.
Song from each races' respective activity


Appearing characters[]

  • Lightning McQueen: Technically, he appears in every activity and every race.
  • Mater: He appears a lot of times. He's appeared in "Fill `Er Up" as McQueen's first customer, Tractor Roundup, Tow the line, Drive-In and Out, Speed Trap, and in a legend's race.
  • Doc Hudson: In Doc's Tune Up, Drive-In and Out, Fill `Er Up, and in a legend's race.
  • Ramone: In Hip Hop it Up, Drive-In and out, Fill `Er Up, and in a legend's race.
  • Flo: In Fill `Er Up, Drive-In and out, and in a legend's race.
  • Sarge: In Sarge's Boot Camp, Fill `Er Up, Drive-In and out, and in a legend's race.
  • Luigi: In Luigi's Fantastico Fun, Fill `Er Up, and in a legend's race.
  • Guido: Only in Luigi's Fantastico Fun.
  • Lizzie: In Radiator Springs Curios, Fill `Er Up, Drive-In and Out, and in a legend's race.
  • Sheriff: In Speed Trap, Drive-In and Out, Fill `Er Up, and in a legend's race.
  • Mater's Cousins: Only in the "Tow the Line".
  • Snot Rod: The speeder you chase in level 1 in Speed Trap.
  • DJ: The speeder you chase in level 2 in Speed Trap.
  • Boost: The speeder you chase in level 3 in Speed Trap.
  • Wingo: The speeder you chase in level 4 in Speed Trap.
  • Chick Hicks The speeder you chase in level 5 in speed Trap, and in a legend's race.
  • Mack: Only in Drive-In and out.
  • Tractors: Only in a legend's race, and "Tractor Roundup."
  • Some Blue Hauler: Only in Drive-In and Out.
  • "Travelers": Only in Cut-Scenes and Drive-In and Out (not all Cut-Scenes).
  • Some RVs: Only in Drive-In and Out.

Non-appearing characters[]

  • Fillmore
  • Sally
  • Red the firetruck
  • Mia and Tia
  • Fred
  • King