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Castlevania: The Adventure is the first Castlevania game for the Nintendo Game Boy.


It is 1576, one hundred years after Trevor Belmont defeated Count Dracula and 97 years after the former Devil Forgemaster Hector prevented him from having an early resurrection. Dracula has returned from the grave with his full strength thanks to the power of the Crimson Stone. He wastes no time in continuing his quest to wipe out all of humanity and it isn't long before the Belmont family senses the Count's renewed presence. This time Christopher Belmont, the current heir of the Vampire Killer whip, sets out to face him. Christopher battles his way through Dracula's minions and traps until he finally makes his way to the Castle Keep where the two do battle. In the end, Christopher believes he has won. However, Dracula only feigns death, allowing his body to die but his foul spirit to live on. The Count has a much more sinister plan in mind...


Castlevania: The Adventure plays very similar to its NES predecessors. The game flows in a very linear nature, with the player working through each level until they reach the boss at the end, which they must then defeat. Unlike previous Castlevania's though, this iteration features no sub-weapons, instead forcing the player to rely entiretly on the whip. However, to make up for this, the whip is able to throw fireballs in its most powerful form, an ability that is still unique in the series.