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Memento Mori, Pound of Ground, Evil Days of Luckless John, Gooka: Mystery of Janatris, Horké Léto 2, Domestic Violence: Game Over, Fairy Tale About Father Frost
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The Centauri Production is a Czech software house which focuses mainly on computer games. It is also active in the production of multimedia applications and presentations, of the software for film and animation studios, and of web pages and interfaces. Centauri Production is a member of IDEA Games.

Released games[]

Cenaturi Production released following games:[1]

  • The Knights of the Grail (Czech title: Rytíři Grálu) (1996) (PC) the first Czech dungeon game
  • Dung-beetles aka The Mystery of A Comic (Czech title:Hovniválové aneb Záhada komixu) (1998) (PC) adventure game
  • Hot Summer 2 - (Czech title: Horké léto 2) (1999) (PC) adventure game
  • Jakub a Terezka (1999) (PC) adventure game with anti - drugs theme
  • Fairy Tale About Father Frost (Czech title: Pohádka o Mrazíkovi, Ivanovi a Nastěnce) (2000) (PC) - adventure game for children and also adults
  • Fifth Disciple (Czech title: Brány skeldalu: Patý učedník) (PC) (2002) adventure/rpg game made with Napoleon Games
  • 4 Leaf Clovers (Czech title: CDROMEK Čtyřlístek) (PC) (2002 - 2005) episodic game for children with Czech cartoon Čtyřlístek
  • Ferdy the Ant (Czech title: CDROMEK Ferda) (PC) (2003 - 2005) 3d arcade episodic game for children inspirated by Czech fairytale Ferda Mravenec by Ondřej Sekora
  • Domestic Violence: Game over (Czech title: Domácí násilí: Game over) (PC) (2003) Sims like game against domestic violence funded by Czech Government
  • Gooka - The Mystery of Janatris (Czech title: Gooka 2: Záhada Janatrisu) (PC) (2004) 3D adventure/rpg game
  • Evil Days of Luckless John old title: Raiders of Lost Casino (Czech title: Žhavé léto 3 1/2) (PC) (2007/2005 in Czech Republic) action/arcade/adventure game
  • The Ro(c)k Con Artist (Czech title: Ro(c)k Podvraťáků) (PC) (2006) action game according Czech movie.
  • Memento Mori (PC) (2008) adventure game

Games under development[]

  • Pound of Ground (PC) action/3rd person shooter
  • Pat & Mat (PC) game according Czech famous cartoon Pat & Mat

Technologies used[]

The CPAL3D is Centauri's in-house game engine.[2] It was used to create Memento Mori (2008), winner of the Best Adventure Story award for year 2008 at Adventure Archiv.[3]


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