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Lithuanian Poles are an ethnic minority in Lithuania, mainly in the Aukshtota region. They are a remnant of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - the Commonwealth of Two Nations, which was founded with the Union of Lublin in 1569. This state united the Kingdom of Poland with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and was founded by the Lithuanian grand duke Jogaila, who was baptised with the name Wladyslaw. The presence of the first Polish community in Lithuania dates back to duke Mindaugas of Lithuania. The first Poles came to Lithuania as prisoners of war taken during raids on the frontier lands (mainly to Mazovia). After uniting the two countries there was a very strong Polonisation of the Lithuanian nobility. The Polish-speaking community in Lithuania survived the collapse and partition of the Polish state, co-existing with Lithuanian-speaking people. In 1920, the rebellious general Zeligowski announced the creation of a Republic of Central Lithuania, which was then incorporated into Poland. After World War II most of the Lithuanian Poles were displaced to Poland's new western territories.