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Chameleon Twist 2 is the sequel to 1997's Chameleon Twist that was released for the Nintendo 64. The games main character, a chameleon, fights much like the famous Yoshi in that it utilizes its long tongue to eat things, spit things, and sometimes devour enemies. The game allegedly features inventive and creative boss fights and an abysmal camera.


The game changed certain aspects of the original, such as the character designs and the switched colors of the main characters. New moves were added such as a parachute that could be deployed to make a slow descent and that could be used in conjunction with the tongue. Moreover, vertical pole swings were added, rather than having only horizontal.

Whenever the player saw the rabbit, he or she could talk to it. The rabbit would ask them if they wanted to go to a practice course, and they could either accept or decline. If they declined, the rabbit would fly away and the player would not be able to visit that bonus course anytime again in the game.

The worlds are much longer than those of the first. However, there is no longer a multiplayer mod.


The story of Chameleon Twist 2 takes place after the events in Chameleon Twist. Davy and his friends (Jack, Fred, and Linda) are playing in the woods, still carrying the backpack from his last adventure, when suddenly the rabbit (closely resembling the one from a Lewis Carroll book) from before falls down and knocks one of the chameleons into the sky. The chameleon transforms into an enhanced-looking chameleon and goes on a search for six carrots in six different worlds.