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Founded December 2007
Products MMORPGs
Parent Company

ChangYou (NASDAQ: CYOU) is a leading developer and operator of online games in China. It began operations in 2003 as's massively multi-player online games ("MMORPG") business unit, before it set out as a separate, stand-alone company in December 2007, subsequently listing on the NASDAQ Global Select Market in April 2009.

ChangYou has a leading in-house technology platform that includes an advanced 2.5D and 3D graphics engine, a uniform game development platform, effective anti-cheating and anti-hacking technologies, proprietary cross-networking technology and advanced data protection technology. ChangYou's product development team and game operations team work closely together to translate game player feedback into game updates and expansion packs on a timely basis. In addition, ChangYou's close relationship with Sohu provides us with unique competitive advantages including strategic guidance, pre-launch game reviews, marketing and operational support and access to over 290 million registered users on Sohu's portal.


ChangYou currently publish a number of games in the Chinese market, but it's most popular game is by far and away the martial-arts MMO TLBB which regularly receives over 800,000 concurrent users in China. TLBB has been a major part of ChangYou's attempts to expand into the western market, with new servers established in both Europe, and the U.S. under the name Dragon Oath.

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