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Major and recurring characters from the military science fiction series StarCraft are listed below, organised by respective species and most commonly affiliated faction within the fictional universe. The story of the StarCraft series revolves around interstellar affairs in a distant sector of the galaxy, where three species are vying for supremacy: the Terrans, a highly factionalised future version of humanity; the Protoss, a theocratic race of vast psionic ability; and the Zerg, an insectoid species commanded by a hive mind persona. The latter two of these species were genetically engineered by the Xel'Naga, a fourth species believed extinct. The series was begun with Blizzard Entertainment's 1998 video game StarCraft, and has been expanded with sequels Insurrection, Retribution, Brood War, Ghost and Wings of Liberty. The franchise has been further extended with a series of novels, graphic novels and other works.

Casting and design[]

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Extensive concept art was done for the lore of the series.

The characters and story of the StarCraft series were created by Chris Metzen[1] and James Phinney.[1] However, as Phinney was not involved in StarCraft: Brood War, Chris Metzen alone is credited for the development of the plot in the expansion.[2] Despite the series' success globally, particularly in South Korea, Blizzard Entertainment has not made any major comments regarding the development of the characters and the storyline of the StarCraft series.

However, interviews with the two of the voice actors have given a glimpse into small parts of the development process. An interview with Robert Clotworthy, the voice of Jim Raynor in all released StarCraft games to date, has revealed that for the most part the voicing for the characters was done over only a few days in sessions of up to four hours,[3] a fact mirrored in a similar interview with Sarah Kerrigan's actress, Glynnis Talken Campbell.[4] Clotworthy also stated how the concept art for the game—usually used for the visual development of characters and locales in games—was used by him in order to develop the personality of his character.[3]

Visually, most of the characters and units in the games were developed from artwork by Metzen and Samwise Didier, although at least two other artists—Glenn Rane and Peter Lee—have developed concept art for the upcoming StarCraft II. It is also implied by some of the authors of the novels that the development of the characters in their books was influenced by Metzen[5][6] as well as Andy Chambers and Evelyn Fredericksen.[7] This is particularly notable for characters later appearing in the games, such as Valerian Mengsk.

Terran characters[]

Raynor's Raiders[]

Jim Raynor[]

Main article: Jim Raynor

Jim Raynor is the primary Terran protagonist in the StarCraft series. The character is voiced by Robert Clotworthy. A former colonial marshal on a backwater planet Mar Sara, Raynor joins Arcturus Mengsk's revolutionaries against the Confederacy of Man in StarCraft, where he develops a relationship with Sarah Kerrigan. However, he becomes disillusioned with the cause when Mengsk's abandons Kerrigan to her death and establishes his own rebels to oppose Mengsk's new Terran Dominion. StarCraft creator Chris Metzen designed Raynor as rough-living and dangerous man, Clotworthy describes Raynor as a man that other characters "wouldn't mess with";[8] nevertheless, his depiction is meant to be that of an ordinary man.[9] Critics connected sympathetically with Raynor's plights,[10][11] and GameSpot named him one of the best heroes in video gaming.[12]

Matt Horner[]

Matt Horner is the captain of the Raiders' flagship Hyperion and Raynor's second-in-command. Brian Bloom provides Horner's voice. Described as "young and idealistic" and guided by strong moral principles, Horner is originally a supporter of Mengsk, but becomes disgusted by Mengsk's deliberate attacks on civilian Confederate targets.[13] Having come to admire Raynor's bravery and loyalty, Horner follows Raynor when he abandons Mengsk's cause, and is keen to strike at the morally-bankrupt Terran Dominion. Horner is only an average combatant in personal combat, but is otherwise an excellent pilot and tactician.[13] First introduced in the novel Queen of Blades, Horner makes his video game debut in Wings of Liberty. In Queen of Blades, Horner commands the Hyperion as it comes under attack from Zerg in orbit of the planet Char and is forced to withdraw from the system, leaving Raynor and a small group of Raiders stranded on the surface; Horner is only able to return several months later to evacuate the survivors.[14] Horner continues in a similar role in Wings of Liberty,[15] acting as Raynor's conscience and trying to keep his commander focused.[16]

Tychus Findlay[]

Tychus J. Findlay is a marine and old associate of Raynor's who becomes affiliated with the Raiders. He appears in the novel Heaven's Devils and in Wings of Liberty, where he is voiced by Neil Kaplan. Findlay is introduced in the cinematic trailer for StarCraft II, in which he is shown being encased into powered combat armour. According to Blizzard's Nick Carpenter, the marine in the trailer lacked any identity but eventually evolved into Findlay, allowing the cinematic team to flesh out the trailer with the character's personality.[17] Findlay is surrounded by rumours regarding his reputation; on the one hand, he is held as a loyal soldier who risks his life to save his comrades, while on the other, he is regarded as an amoral scoundrel. Findlay and Raynor fought together for the Confederacy several years prior to the events of StarCraft before becoming outlaws; Findlay was eventually captured and incarcerated.[18] By Wings of Liberty he escapes from prison, tracks down Raynor and recruits him to work for the secretive Moebius Foundation, where, according to Metzen, Findlay acts as the metaphorical devil on Raynor's shoulder.[19]

Gabriel Tosh[]

Gabriel Tosh is a mysterious arms dealer and a "spectre"—an elite ghost agent enhanced through the use of terrazine, a potent psionic reagent. Though originally created for Ghost, Tosh is introduced in the novel Spectres and Wings of Liberty, where he is voiced by Dave Fennoy. Metzen describes Tosh as a "Boba Fett-type character"[20] while Andy Chambers feels Tosh is "quasi-Rastafarian".[21] Tosh possesses a nihilistic personality and believes that he must always look out for himself in order to survive.[22] As such, he acts as a foil for the idealistic and honorable character of Matt Horner.[22] Tosh represents an amoral influence on Raynor, and the temptation to cut corners and act like a pirate,[21] although he is not inherently evil.

Ariel Hanson[]

Dr. Ariel Hanson is a scientist who becomes associated with Raynor's Raiders after her home colony is invaded by Zerg in Wings of Liberty, where she is voiced by Ali Hillis. A selfless and altruistic individual, her main wish is for life to return to normal. She is considered to be the moral opposite of Tychus Findlay, acting as a metaphorical angel on Raynor's shoulder.[19] and represents a positive moral influence on Raynor. Originally designed as a male character, Hanson was changed in development to female to act as a love interest for Raynor, albeit limited by Raynor's status as a mercenary and fugitive.[20]

Terran Dominion[]

Arcturus Mengsk[]

Arcturus Mengsk is the emperor of the Terran Dominion, which presides over the majority of the Terrans in the Koprulu Sector. A core character of the series, he is voiced by James Harper and is the primary subject of the novel I, Mengsk. Mengsk is extremely intelligent and is capable as both a strategist and tactician. While Mengsk does not empathize with people well, he is highly skilled at oratory and propaganda and possesses a remarkable ability for manipulating other people. Originally a young Confederate prospector and war veteran, Mengsk is spurred by the assassination of his politically dissident father along with his mother and sister to begin a revolution against the Confederacy, an act that leads to a devastating nuclear attack on the population of his homeworld, Korhal, by the Confederacy. Years of conducting both open conflict and terrorism weaken the Confederacy, during which he recruits followers such as Sarah Kerrigan, Jim Raynor and Edmund Duke. Raynor and Kerrigan grow uneasy with Mengsk's increasingly extreme methods, namely luring Zerg to attack Confederate targets, leading to Mengsk abandoning Kerrigan to the Zerg on the Confederate capital of Tarsonis. With the destruction of Tarsonis by the Zerg, Mengsk crowns himself emperor and styles himself as a benevolent dictator.

In Brood War, the Dominion is invaded by the United Earth Directorate and Mengsk narrowly escapes capture with the reluctant help of Raynor. Faced with execution and the destruction of the Dominion as alternatives, Mengsk allies with Kerrigan and Raynor to defeat the UED, but Kerrigan eventually betrays their alliance and delivers a crippling blow to Mengsk's forces. Nevertheless, Mengsk rebuilds and the Dominion remains the dominant Terran power. In Frontline, many of the stories in the anthology paint Mengsk and the Dominion overall as tyrannical and corrupt, no different from the Confederacy.

In Wings of Liberty, Mengsk and his son Valerian find the Dominion opposed by several rebel and paramilitary groups, including those loyal to Raynor. GameSpy cites Mengsk as a classic example of The Who's lyrics "meet the new boss, same as the old boss".[21]

Edmund Duke[]

Edmund Duke is a ranking officer in first the Confederacy and later the Dominion. Voiced in the games by Jack Ritschel, Duke also appears in several novels, including Liberty's Crusade, Shadow of the Xel'Naga and Queen of Blades. A scion of one of the influential Old Families of Confederacy with a long career in the military,[23] Duke is a methodical and experienced tactician[24] but also as an egotistical and xenophobic man.[25] As a colonel, Duke commands the Alpha Squadron of the Confederate Security Forces, and is the face of the Confederacy for the player in the early parts of StarCraft. Duke initially leads the defense of Confederate colonies Chau Sara and Mar Sara from the Zerg and the Protoss fleet commanded by Tassadar, for which he is promoted to general.[26]

Duke is later charged with quelling rebellion on the Confederate world of Antiga Prime, but is defeated by Mengsk's forces. When Duke's flagship Norad II is shot down by the Zerg during the battle, Duke is rescued by Raynor on Mengsk's orders in return for the defection of the general and his squadron,[27] and Duke's knowledge is vital to Mengsk's assault on Tarsonis. Mengsk, still skeptical of Duke's loyalty,[28] later dispatches Duke on expeditions to investigate the Zerg on Char and a Xel'Naga artifact on Bhekar Ro in Shadow of the Xel'Naga, engagements which decimate Alpha Squadron.[29] In Brood War, Duke organises the Dominion's fleet defences against the United Earth Directorate,[30] and later follows Mengsk into alliance with Kerrigan and her Zerg. However, as part of a surgical strike against the Dominion's military capabilities, Kerrigan has Duke's flagship destroyed, killing the general.[31]

Valerian Mengsk[]

Valerian Mengsk is the son of Arcturus Mengsk and the heir apparent to the Terran Dominion. Josh Keaton voices the character, who is first introduced in The Dark Templar Saga series of novels, while his backstory is further developed in I, Mengsk. Valerian was created as Metzen felt that Arcturus' story had been effectively told in StarCraft and Brood War.[32] While Blizzard stipulated Valerian's physical description, The Dark Templar Saga author Christie Golden was given the freedom to develop the character as she wished.[33] A disciple of Japanese martial arts and a keen archaeologist, he is described as "brilliant... and a bit arrogant for knowing it".[34] Valerian is particularly interested in Xel'Naga artifacts, which he employs mercenaries and leading archaeologists to retrieve and study. Valerian was raised in secrecy on a number of worlds across the Koprulu Sector during his father's campaign against the Confederacy.[35] While Valerian shares Arcturus' passion for liquors and ancient weapons, his relationship with his father is adversarial due to Arcturus' disdain for both him and his mother in his childhood.


November Annabella Terra,[36] also known by the call sign "Nova", is a ghost agent and the protagonist of the StarCraft: Ghost sub-series. Grey DeLisle provides the voice for Nova. Despite the indefinite postponement of the Ghost video game, her character continues through a series of novels and Wings of Liberty. Nova is the daughter of one of the highly influential Confederate Old Families; despite having unusually high psionic potential her father prevents her from being taken into the Confederate Ghost Program.[37] However, after her family is murdered by an anti-Confederate resistance movement, Nova flees to the undercity of Tarsonis, where she is forced to work as an organized crime enforcer.[38] Nova is rescued during the Zerg invasion of Tarsonis, and ends up in the possession of the newly formed Terran Dominion, who train her as a ghost.[39] She has a minor role in Wings of Liberty.

United Earth Directorate[]

Gerard DuGalle[]

Gerard DuGalle is the commanding admiral of the United Earth Directorate's expeditionary force to the Koprulu Sector. DuGalle only appears in Brood War and is voiced by James Harper. Considered the UED's most capable military leader, DuGalle, a Frenchman, is a staunch believer in the UED's mission to pacify the sector and carries out his orders with precision.[40] In Brood War, DuGalle leads the UED as it conquers the Terran Dominion; however, despite his experience, DuGalle believes misinformation planted by former Conferderate soldier Samir Duran regarding a psi disruptor, a device that disrupts Zerg communications, on Tarsonis.[41] When DuGalle's lifelong friend Alexei Stukov abandons the fleet, DuGalle allows Duran to assassinate Stukov as a traitor, only realizing his mistake too late. Nevertheless, DuGalle acts to prevent Duran destroying the psi disruptor and uses it to capture the Zerg Overmind on Char. However, as a result of demoralization, limited manpower and an alliance of enemies led by Kerrigan, the fleet is eventually pushed back and when a final attempt to recapture Char fails, DuGalle orders the retreat.[42] Shortly before the UED fleet is overtaken by Zerg and destroyed, DuGalle composes a letter to his wife in which he admits responsibility for his closest friend's death and commits suicide by a gunshot to the head.[43]

Alexei Stukov[]

Alexei Stukov is the vice admiral and second-in-command of the United Earth Directorate's expeditionary force. Voiced by Cástulo Guerra, he appears in Brood War and three bonus levels. A man of Russian descent, his military career primarily revolves around secret research, though he is also noted as an excellent tactician.[40] A close friend of DuGalle, Stukov will debate situations with the admiral but will subordinate himself to his friend's higher rank.[40] Stukov becomes suspicious of the motives of Samir Duran after the latter convinces DuGalle to destroy the psi disruptor.[41] Believing the device to be the UED's best hope to conquer the Zerg, Stukov instead takes the psi disruptor to Braxis but is tracked down and shot dead by Duran. With his dying breaths, Stukov convinces DuGalle that Duran is a traitor and to keep the psi disruptor running for the UED's assault on the Zerg homeworld of Char.[44] Stukov's body is given a full funeral and UED propaganda portrays Stukov as a hero, claiming he died in combat on Char.[45]

Stukov is later mysteriously revived by a Zerg cerebrate to make use of him for its own deeds.[46] He is first observed, apparently infested, by pirates raiding a secret science facility in the bonus mission "Deception", a facility that Stukov then blows up. Stukov later appears in another bonus map, "Mercenaries II", in which he hires several mercenary groups to destroy some of his adversaries. In the StarCraft 64 secret mission "Resurrection", Artanis sends a task force headed by Raynor to inject Stukov with an experimental serum; the serum reverses the infestation effects and leaves Stukov healthy, albeit embittered.[47] Creative director Andy Chambers regards the resurrection as an experiment by the Zerg,[32] while Metzen notes that Stukov's resurrection had "really interesting hooks".[48] Although Blizzard's former producer Bill Roper hopes that Stukov's storyline will be developed further,[49] the character will only be reintroduced if Blizzard "figure out the right way to do it".[48]

Protoss characters[]



Tassadar is a high templar who holds the rank of executor in the Khalai military. He appears in StarCraft and in several novels, most notably Queen of Blades. Tassadar is voiced by Michael Gough in StarCraft, with Michael Dorn playing the part in later appearances. Described as being fascinated with, if somewhat wary of, the dark templar,[50] Tassadar is the commander of the fleet that made first contact with the Terrans by destroying their colony of Chau Sara to contain Zerg infestation. However, Tassadar eventually disregards his orders to continue destroying worlds with no concern for the Terrans, and instead engages the Zerg by conventional means. After tracking the Zerg to their homeworld of Char, he encounters the dark templar Zeratul and Jim Raynor, forging a friendship with the two and learning how to use his psionic powers in conjunction with the powers of the dark templar.

The Khalai government sees Tassadar's consortion with the dark templar as heretical and as a bigger threat to their society than the Zerg invasion of the Protoss homeworld Aiur, sending Aldaris and Artanis to arrest him. Artanis however, along with the templar Fenix, sides with Tassadar, sparking a civil war between Tassadar's followers and the government.[51] The conflict is only ended when Tassadar demonstrates the effectiveness of the dark templar against the Zerg. With Raynor, Zeratul and Fenix, Tassadar breaks through the Zerg defences on Aiur to the Zerg Overmind; Tassadar channels both his own psionic energies and those of the dark templar through the hull of his flagship and crashes it into the Overmind.[52] The resulting discharge of energy destroys the Overmind and transcends Tassadar to a new level of spiritual existence; Metzen refers to this transformation as becoming a "twilight messiah".[32]


Fenix is a praetor within the military of the Khalai. Bill Roper voices Fenix in both StarCraft and Brood War. A templar and an old friend of Tassadar's, Fenix is a powerful and cunning leader, but remains distrustful towards the motives of the ruling judicator caste.[24] Under the command of Aldaris, Fenix helps defend Aiur from the Zerg invasion, but eventually falls in battle when his position is overwhelmed by Zerg. Nevertheless, Fenix is retrieved and integrated into a dragoon, a mechanical fire support unit designed to allow incapacitated warriors to continue military service.[53] Fenix allies his templar forces with Tassadar's upon the schism between Tassadar and the Protoss government, later leading a task force against the Overmind's outer defenses, facilitating Zeratul's assassination of a number of cerebrates and ultimately the death of the Overmind itself.[54] Over this time, Fenix develops a strong friendship with Tassadar's Terran companion Jim Raynor.

In Brood War, Fenix and Raynor remain behind as a rear guard when the Protoss evacuate the now Zerg-overrun Aiur through a warp gate.[55] They hold it until attacked by United Earth Directorate forces pursuing Arcturus Mengsk, upon which they escape through the gate, disabling it as they depart. With Raynor and Mengsk, Fenix enters into an alliance with Sarah Kerrigan against the UED, even leading the Zerg forces on a raiding mission for resources on Moria.[56] However, after the UED is routed from their position on the Dominion capital world of Korhal, Kerrigan turns on her allies. Though unfazed by Kerrigan's betrayal, Fenix is slain when Kerrigan's Zerg launch a surprise attack against his base camp on Korhal.[57]


Artanis is a high templar[58] and a military commander introduced in Brood War, where he is voiced by Jack Ritschel; the character is voiced by Patrick Seitz in StarCraft II. The character also appears in the novels Queen of Blades and Twilight. Later retcons have made Artanis the identity of the player character for the Protoss campaign in StarCraft. An ambitious leader, Artanis is the youngest templar to achieve the rank of praetor and executor.[58] Artanis holds Tassadar in high esteem and despite being a strong believer in Khalai system, he also holds to the idea of reunification with the dark templar.[58] Artanis is responsible for the initial defense of Aiur alongside Fenix before being dispatched to arrest Tassadar by Aldaris; Artanis, however, sides with Tassadar and helps him defeat the Overmind. Artanis later organizes the evacuation of his now devastated home world to the dark templar planet of Shakuras, and with Zeratul undertakes measures to cleanse the Zerg presence on Shakuras through the use of a Xel'Naga temple.[59] When Sarah Kerrigan's actions result in the deaths of Aldaris, Fenix and Raszagal, Artanis commands a fleet to bring Kerrigan to justice on Char, but is defeated by her Zerg.[60] Artanis returns to Shakuras to rebuild the Protoss civilization; with Zeratul having disappeared, Artanis becomes the hierarch of the unified Protoss Protectorate, but struggles with reintegrating the two estranged branches of his people, with many of the Aiur survivors desiring to retake their home world. He makes a brief appearance in Wings of Liberty.


Selendis is the executor of the Protoss military following the reunification of the race. The character is introduced in the novel Twilight and in Wings of Liberty, where she is played by Cree Summer. Selendis is fiercely loyal to her race's ideals and completely dedicated to her responsibilities. A protégé of Artanis,[61] she considers the dark templar to be a threat to her heritage but is willing to work beside them. Selendis is particularly eager to reclaim Aiur from the Zerg.[61] Shortly after Artanis cleanses Shakuras of Zerg, Selendis takes part in an expedition to rescue three stranded heroes from Aiur; however, the mission was sabotaged by Ulrezaj, who kills two of the trapped warriors. During this time, Selendis became aware of other Protoss survivors stranded on Aiur, but as it was not believed possible to save them, their existence is kept secret. Later, Selendis commands the defenses of the dark templar archives on Ehlna against attack by Zerg and Ulrezaj, resulting in Ulrezaj's defeat.


Aldaris is a member of the ruling judicator caste of Protoss society; in StarCraft he acts as liaison between the player character and the Protoss government. He is voiced by Paul Eiding in both StarCraft and Brood War. Aldaris is a fanatical believer in the Khala and does not hesitate to judge others through a strict interpretation of its tenets.[24] As a result, he is outraged by Tassadar's association with the dark templar, and following the outbreak of war between the judicator caste and the templar caste, commands the government forces against Tassadar. Aldaris captures Tassadar and puts him on trial for crimes of blasphemy and treason,[62] though Tassadar is freed by Zeratul. Aldaris later witnesses the rebels successfully penetrate the Zerg's core defenses, and wishes them luck in their final battle against the Overmind.[63] In Brood War, Aldaris reluctantly allies with the dark templar when the Protoss flee Aiur for Shakuras. However, when Sarah Kerrigan is accepted as an ally by dark templar matriarch Raszagal, Aldaris is furious. While Artanis and Zeratul are absent, he discovers Raszagal is being mentally controlled by Kerrigan and instigates a rebellion amongst the Khalai refugees. When his insurrection is thwarted, the judicator tries to explain his actions to Artanis and Zeratul, but is murdered by Kerrigan before he can reveal her involvement.[64]

Dark templar[]


Main article: Zeratul

Zeratul is a dark templar prelate and one of the main Protoss protagonists. The character is voiced by Jack Ritschel in StarCraft and Brood War, and by Fred Tatasciore in Wings of Liberty. As a dark templar, his ancestors were exiled from Aiur for refusing to submit to the Khala. A renowned psionic warrior and assassin, Zeratul is somewhat secretive and calculating, but is nevertheless honorable and loyal to his species. He teaches Tassadar how to use dark templar energies and facilitates the final attack on the Overmind by slaying several cerebrates. Following the death of the Overmind, Zeratul tries to put in motion the reunification of the Khalai survivors with the wayward dark templar and unmask the secrets of Samir Duran's experiments. He is described by GameSpot as a "dark warrior who champions the light" and a "willing scapegoat" for his people and ranked in their top ten heroes chart.[65]


Raszagal is the matriarch of the dark templar on Shakuras. The character appears in Brood War, where she is voiced by Debra DeLiso, and in the novel Shadow Hunters. Described as one of the oldest living Protoss and imbued with tremendous psychic powers,[58] she is one of the few to clearly remember the Protoss homeworld from before the exile of the dark templar. During her youth, Raszagal was important in ensuring the dark templar were only exiled, rather than exterminated. In Brood War, Raszagal directs Zeratul and Artanis to cleanse the Zerg from Shakuras and welcomes Sarah Kerrigan as an ally in their mission. This spurs Aldaris to rebellion; Raszagal consequently orders his death.[66] Kerrigan and Samir Duran later kidnap Raszagal from Shakuras, using her to blackmail Zeratul into killing the second Overmind. It quickly becomes apparent that Kerrigan has mentally subverted Raszagal and has been using her to manipulate events from the beginning.[67] Zeratul captures Raszagal, but is unable to hold off the Zerg forces long enough to escape. Realizing that the matriarch is beyond redemption from Kerrigan's influence, Zeratul kills Raszagal. Raszagal's mind is freed by the lethal blow, and she dies thanking Zeratul for releasing her, naming him as her successor as leader of the dark templar.[68]


Ulrezaj is a dark templar rebel who believes that the Khalai Protoss should either be removed from Shakuras or exterminated. He is introduced in the downloadable Brood War campaign "Enslavers: Dark Vengeance", and later appears as the antagonist of the novels Shadow Hunters and Twilight. Brought up as a scholar on the moon of Ehlna, Ulrezaj begins to abuse his position by learning from prohibited sources of information. Resenting the exile of the dark templar from Aiur, he abandons his career and takes up arms against the Khalai Protoss as they establish themselves on Shakuras.[69] He later uses the knowledge learned from his early days to become a dark archon; an immensely powerful psionic being created by several Protoss merging. Allying with a Terran smuggler, Alan Schezar, Ulrezaj moves an orbital base over Shakuras; Ulrezaj uses Schezar's resources to mutate Zerg to attack the Khalai Protoss, while an EMP device disables Shakuras' power grid. Though defeated by Zeratul's forces, Ulrezaj escapes.[70]

Ulrezaj reappears several years later, residing on Aiur where he is manipulating a faction of Protoss survivors who were not evacuated. Ulrezaj uses these Protoss to attempt to capture a Terran archaeologist, Jacob Ramsey, who has the powerful mind of a Protoss archivist, Zamara, residing in his own mind; their failure to do so leads to Ulrezaj personally trying to take Ramsey, but the archaeologist escapes through a warp gate while both Zerg and Valerian Mengsk's forces also attempt to capture him. Ulrezaj traces Ramsey to Ehlna, breaking through the defenses of both the Protoss and the Dominion. However, Zamara uses her last energy to lock Ulrezaj's mind into a storage crystal, sacrificing herself to keep Ulrezaj trapped.

Zerg characters[]

The Overmind[]

The Overmind is the center of the Zerg Swarm's hive mind society, created by the Xel'Naga as a single consciousness for their experiments on the Zerg. It is the antagonist of StarCraft, where it is voiced by Jack Ritschel; Paul Eiding voices the character in Wings of Liberty. However, the Overmind becomes aware of Xel'Naga, attacking and assimilating its masters.[71] Through this, the Overmind learns of the existence of the Protoss and is determined to assimilate the fellow Xel'Naga-empowered species, believing this will result in perfection.[50] To provide the necessary force to overcome the Protoss, the Overmind targets the psionic potential of the Terrans for assimilation.[72] The Zerg and Protoss clash on various Terran worlds, eventually leading to Zeratul assassinating the cerebrate Zasz. Zasz's death momentarily links the minds of the Overmind and Zeratul, allowing Overmind to learn the location of the Protoss homeworld Aiur. The Overmind quickly launches an invasion of Aiur and manifests itself on the planet's surface. Following a lengthy and costly campaign on Aiur, Tassadar harnesses the energies of the dark templar to strike at the Overmind directly, disintegrating it.

A second Overmind is created in Brood War, formed from the merging of several cerebrates. This second Overmind never reaches full maturity, and thus lacks the power and intelligence of the original and is much weaker; attacks that were superficial to the first Overmind send the second into remission, although dark templar energies are still needed to kill it. The second Overmind is captured and drugged by the United Earth Directorate, who use its control of the Swarm to bolster its own forces in the Koprulu Sector, but it is ultimately slain by Zeratul. Alongside Kerrigan, the Overmind was rated the eighth most diabolical video game villain by GamePro.[73]


Cerebrates are secondary agents in the Zerg Swarm, each of which commands an individual brood of Zerg that possesses a distinct tactical role within the hierarchy.[74] Alongside the Overmind, the cerebrates are the only Zerg with full sapience, each with its own personality and methods, although they are genetically incapable of disobeying the Overmind.[74] Cerebrates can be reincarnated by the Overmind upon death, though dark templar energies are capable of preventing this.[75] The death of a cerebrate causes the Overmind to lose control of its respective brood, which will then run amok. The highest ranking cerebrate is Daggoth, commander of the Tiamat Brood, the largest and most powerful brood in the Zerg Swarm. Voiced by Micky Neilson, Daggoth is the most strong-willed and ferocious of the cerebrates.[50] It trains the player character in the Zerg campaign of StarCraft and dispenses forces to protect Kerrigan following her transformation. Daggoth is also charged with protecting the Overmind itself.[76] In the wake of the Overmind's death, Daggoth takes command of one faction of Zerg, ordering several cerebrates to merge to form a new Overmind.[77]

The second most prominent cerebrate is Zasz, who commands the first strike Garm Brood. A clever but somewhat questioning leader,[50] Zasz is voiced by Bill Roper in StarCraft. Kerrigan often argues with Zasz over her impulsive and seemingly rebellious actions; despite the Overmind's assurance that Kerrigan is loyal, Zasz remains untrusting. However, while Tassadar distracts the attention of Kerrigan's forces, Zasz is assassinated by Zeratul. Its death gives the Overmind and Zeratul a temporary mental link, allowing the Overmind to find Aiur and Zeratul to learn the origins of the Zerg.[78] Zasz's final words to Kerrigan proclaim her to be "the doom of us all"; following Kerrigan's rise to power at the culmination of Brood War, Zasz is proven correct.[79]

Insurrection features two further cerebrates, Nargil and Auza. Commander of the Fenris Brood and with the directive of search and destroy,[76] Nargil itself is capable of intercepting enemy transmissions and provides tactical support for the player in Insurrection's Zerg campaign. Auza, who commands the Incubus Brood and is responsible for reconnaissance, attempts to personally assimilate a rebel Terran psychic, but is overwhelmed as the psychic's mind overcomes its own. As a result, the Overmind is forced to kill Auza. Retribution introduces Zargil of the Sennith Brood, who relays the Overmind's directives to the player. Various other cerebrates are also featured throughout the series, though following the death of the second Overmind, Metzen explained that all remaining extant cerebrates died, as they were not designed to live without their creator.[61]

Sarah Kerrigan[]

Main article: Sarah Kerrigan

Sarah Kerrigan is the leader of the Zerg Swarm, styling herself as the Queen of Blades. Voiced by Glynnis Talken Campbell in StarCraft and Brood War and by Tricia Helfer in Wings of Liberty, Kerrigan is the predominant antagonist of the series. Originally a Terran ghost agent for Arcturus Mengsk, she is betrayed and abandoned to the Zerg, who transform her into a Terran/Zerg hybrid with vast psionic powers. Following the death of the Overmind, Kerrigan asserts her independence, striking out at those who betrayed her and who seek to contain her, eventually taking control of the entire Zerg Swarm. Four years later, Kerrigan invades the Dominion in search for a number of Xel'Naga artifacts; these artifacts are instead retrieved by Raynor, who uses them to revert Kerrigan to a human. Though originally intended as a throwaway character, Kerrigan grew on the developers, who gave her a greater role in the series.[80] Talken Campbell described Kerrigan's transformation as "going from good girl to bad girl";[81] many of the aspects of Kerrigan's infested character design are inspired by the Greek gorgon Medusa.[82] IGN rated Kerrigan as the fifth most memorable video game villain,[83] while readers of GameSpot put Kerrigan as the second best villain in computer gaming.[84]

Other characters[]

Samir Duran[]

Samir Duran is an enigmatic character introduced in Brood War, where he was voiced by Paul Ainsley. Duran is highly intelligent and manipulative, as well as knowledgeable about both the Protoss and Zerg. A former lieutenant in Alpha Squadron, Duran forms a small commando unit after the fall of the Confederacy to fight Mengsk's Dominion.[85] Duran quickly allies with the United Earth Directorate's expeditionary force,[86] using UED resources to mount an assassination attempt on Mengsk and providing vital intelligence and strategic advice on the Dominion to DuGalle. However, Duran convinces DuGalle to destroy the psi disruptor, to Stukov's chagrin, and as the UED closes in on Mengsk and his allies, Duran sabotages a key operation, allowing the emperor to escape. When Stukov reconstructs the psi disruptor, Duran kills him and reveals his allegiance is actually to Sarah Kerrigan.[87] With Duran as her advisor, Kerrigan successfully establishes command over the entirety of Zerg Swarm. However, Duran vanishes shortly afterwards. In a secret mission, he is discovered by Zeratul engineering a Protoss/Zerg hybrid. Duran ominously explains he has "had many names throughout the millennia", that his work has little to do with Kerrigan and that he serves "a far greater power".[88]

Cultural impact[]


File:Collectors figures (StarCraft).jpg

The first series of the collectable statues.

The characters of StarCraft have been popular enough to inspire the creation of several collectable statues and toys. The first series of statues was released by ToyCom in 2003, consisting of a firebat[89] with markings similar to some original StarCraft concept art for the firebat,[90] a hydralisk[91] and one of Tassadar[92] with a ceremonial sword, which is also seen in concept art for the original game.[93] A series of toys were also made available in 1998,[94] featuring two variations of the marine, another hydralisk and a Protoss zealot. In addition, 1/30 scale model kits for the marine[95] and hydralisk[96] were released in 1999 by Academy Hobby Model Kits.

A second series of collectable statues, which included infested Kerrigan,[97] Zeratul[98] and a Terran ghost,[99] was in development but appears to have been cancelled. However, upon announcement of StarCraft II in 2007, Blizzard released a new collectable statue depicting their mascot character Tychus Findlay.[100]

Critical reception[]

The characters and story of the StarCraft series have been received with praise and only minute criticism by many game reviewers. The GameSpot review of StarCraft described the voice acting as "great", stating that it brings the characters to life.[101] GameSpot goes further in the review for Brood War, commenting that the story and dialogue is with only a few exceptions "brilliantly written" and "one of the year's best stories in any gaming genre".[102] The reviewer of StarCraft for IGN praises the melding of the story into the gameplay and implies that the development of the characters during the course of the story, particularly that of Kerrigan, is unforgettable.[103] In addition, the review of Brood War puts the storyline as "solid".[104]

Gaming Revolution echoed this praise, saying the plot is "fantastic", but the reviewer added that he felt it was "over too quickly".[105] At, the reviewer cited that he felt "the characters were talking to me" and even expressed a development of an emotional attachment to the character of Raynor.[106] Electric Playground put the story as the best part of the game, if a little derivative, but described the voice acting as "really quite excellent".[107]


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