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Template:Article issues This is the list of the different characters who appeared throughout the entire series of the Tenchu videogame.

Main characters[]


Rikimaru (力丸), the current head of the Azuma Ninja clan, under the service of Lord Gohda. He wields the Izayoi sword, which is passed from generation to generation of successive leaders of the Azuma clan. His master and predecessor as head of the clan was Shiunsai, who was killed by another member of the clan, Tatsumaru. Dedicated, honourable, and withdrawn, Rikimaru would sacrifice his own life without hesitation, something he does at the end of Stealth Assassins only to reappear in Wrath of Heaven/Return from Darkness. However, he is not to be underestimated and shows no mercy to his opponents, something he is constantly reminded of each time he thinks about the scar left over his eye by Tatsumaru. His ability to retain his composure and sense of destiny allows him to undertake missions others would consider suicidal. He lacks speed in combat when compared to Ayame, but has greater strength and a greater control over his temper than his female companion. His primary rival in the series is Onikage, whom he fights in almost every game and usually defeats, but keeps coming back due to his resurrection abilities and intense desire to defeat Rikimaru.

Rikimaru's personality was different before the events of Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins. He believed that he was already good enough to defeat any opponent. His misplaced self-confidence would eventually earn him many painful experiences once he finally left his village, but those experiences would also be the source of great mental and spiritual growth.

The Azuma ninja clan is reduced into being made up of only two ninja left: Rikimaru and Ayame.

Ayame is a clouded matter. She has shown feelings for Tatsumaru, and treats Rikimaru only as a companion. Even though both of them show loyalty and respect towards each other, not much compassion is felt between them. This may be an illustration of the harsh life they take on together, or simply Ayame's own tough attitude, which denies us the ability to say if she even thinks of Rikimaru as a friend. Not much is told about their relationship (aside from being partners and being raised by Master Shiunsai). Romantic relationships between the two are unknown and unlikely to exist.

Rikimaru had bonds with two other Ninja: Shiunsai and Tatsumaru. Both were very important to him, and both were lost. Tatsumaru was Rikimaru's role model and older brother. His connection to Tatsumaru was more than what was allowed in the way of the Ninja. And Shiunsai was a father figure to him but Rikimaru showed only his student connection to Shiunsai. Suffering from a memory loss, Tatsumaru kills Shiunsai. Upon the recovery of his memory, he kills himself. This event marked the death of Rikimaru's former personality.

Upon his master's death, Rikimaru takes the role of leader of the Azuma Ninja Clan at the age of 18. His clan is now very small and consists only of Ayame and him. Rikimaru wields the ancient sword Izayoi, which is passed on through the generations from leader to leader. Rikimaru took possession of the sword during the war with the Burning Dawn. Ayame defeated Tatsumaru, who had previously wielded Izayoi, and gave it to Rikimaru, effectively turning over leadership of the clan to him. Izayoi does have certain magical properties, and is also extremely strong and resilient to injury. The only time it has ever been damaged was during Rikimaru's duel with Dr. Kimaira in Wrath of Heaven, and it was promptly repaired by the clan's blacksmith, Ressai.

The scar over his right eye will always remind him that not being focused, showing mercy or acting from a state of pure selflessness will always result in failure. When Tatsumaru killed Master Shiunsai, who was the leader of the Azuma at the time, Rikimaru let his feelings take over and pursued the murderer, his former companion. A fierce fight between the two took place, but eventually gaining the upper hand, Rikimaru hesitates. Tatsumaru takes that time to cut his right eye, leaving him scarred for life.[1] The battle ends here as Kagami takes Tatsumaru with her in a rush. Tatsumaru used to be Rikimaru's role model, but by now, Rikimaru has surpassed him in his spiritual and physical abilities. The power concealed within the right eye will later be revealed as his Dohjutsu, the power that he alone has. It is a possible power that rivals that of Lord Mei-Oh and Tenrai (he was the only one able to survive the portal aside from Mei-Oh and the only one who can really defeat Tenrai).

Many years ago, Shiunsai received an order to assassinate a particular samurai. Together with several fellow ninja, he infiltrated the home of the samurai and killed him. As he and the other ninja were preparing to leave, the dead samurai's wife and servant discovered the ninja. The others quickly dispatched the wife and servant, but as they moved to silence the baby clutched in the dead wife's arms, Shiunsai stopped them from killing the baby boy. Taking pity on the boy, Shiunsai brought the baby home with him and raised it as if it were his own flesh and blood. Shiunsai was already raising Tatsukichi (Tatsumaru's childhood name) to become a ninja, and he decided that the new baby would follow the same path. After the baby had grown into a young boy and started his training as a ninja, it became apparent that he was something of a weakling. Shiunsai therefore gave him the name Chikara, which means strength. Whether or not it was this name that drove him to become stronger, or whether it was from sparring with Tatsukichi every day, no one can say. What is known is that Chikara grew to be the strongest boy in the village. He also developed into an outstanding swordsman. If he had a shortcoming, it was that he didn't learn new techniques as fast as the other students. Slow learner or not, Chikara eventually earned a new name, Rikimaru, and a new title: Ninja.

In Tenchu Z, Rikimaru decides to train the next generation of Azuma Ninja and sends his newest ninja (The player's character and a companion of his choosing) to complete missions assigned to help the town of Gohda. He trained two young ninjas before the events of the game, a male and female. Whatever the sex of the character the player chooses, the other new ninja will still die during the course of events.


Ayame (彩女) was the last student chosen by Master Shiunsai. During the Warring States Period, it is said that Shiunsai travelled to Kyoto only to find it in ruins after warring armies destroyed in bids for ownership. He came across a shocked young girl watching corpses float down a river, unable to recall anything except her own name and age. Shiunsai found himself unable to leave her, but uncertain as to how he could help her. Eventually, he decided to take her with him and train her to become a kunoichi (female ninja). Shiunsai raised the girl, Omon, as a ninja alongside Tatsukichi (Tatsumaru). Though blessed with raw talent, Omon possessed a bad attitude; while she was curious and willing to learn new techniques, she was never patient enough to fully master one. Of his three students, Shiunsai found that she was the most talented in terms of natural abilities. Despite her late start, Omon was initiated into the circle of ninja when she was fourteen, around the same time as Rikimaru, and was given the name Ayame. She became known for her deadly skill with blades as well as her caustic tongue and speed. Ayame respects fellow ninja Rikimaru well, fighting alongside him and willing to sacrifice herself for his sake if necessary. She develops a strong relationship with Kiku, the daughter of Lord Gohda. After the death of Kiku's mother Lady Kei, Ayame became sort of an older sister for Kiku. As a symbol of her relationship, Ayame and Kiku always wear their sister bells close to their hearts. Ayame will protect Kiku at any cost from any harm. The latest installment Tenchu: Shadow Assassins, features Ayame with her hair put up differently, still has a pony tail.

Other main characters[]

  • Tatsumaru (Birth of the Stealth Assassins, Wrath of Heaven/Return From Darkness, Time of the Assassins)

A ninja raised by Master Shiunsai, he was a prominent member in the Azuma clan. During a great fight with Lady Kagami, the two seemingly drowned in the sea. Upon waking up, Tatsumaru lost his memory of his former life and pledged alliance to Lady Kagami and the Burning Dawn. He then joined the attack on the ninja village, in which he brutally killed his former Master Shiunsai, and recovered his memory. Rikimaru, upon seeing his master's body, attacked Tatsumaru, but hesitated to kill his former friend. Tatsumaru took this opportunity to scar Rikimaru's eye and flee with Lady Kagami. Tatsumaru then followed Lady Kagami on her final assault on Gohda's castle. Despite knowing his crimes were unforgivable, he stayed with Lady Kagami because he loved her. His final battle with Ayame resulted in his death, when he committed suicide by impaling himself his own blade, the Izayoi. His body was last seen as Lady Kagami died clutching his corpse. Eight years after his first death Tatsumaru was resurrected by Tenrai to serve as one of the evil sorcerer's minions. He would eventually break out of Tenrai's mind control, sacrificing himself in order to help his former allies Rikimaru and Ayame stop Tenrai. Tatsumaru wields his sword with great skill and efficiency, but prefers to use methods of unarmed combat, like lighting-fast punches and intricate, graceful kick combos.

  • Tesshu Fujioka (Wrath of Heaven/Return from Darkness, Time of the Assassins and a cameo role in Fatal Shadows)

A respectable doctor by day, and an assassin by night. He is not a trained ninja and not under the employ of Lord Gohda, unlike Rikimaru and Ayame. He favors unarmed attacks, but in a contrast to Tatsumaru, Tesshu's attacks resemble brutal Karate and/or Jujutsu techniques, utilizing crippling strikes, headbutts, and vicious bone-breaking holds. He also wields acupuncture needles in many of his stealth kills. Another weapon he utilizes is his sheer brute strength, as well as his natural physical resiliency, noted both in his in-game ending (He is stabbed numerous times, yet still manages to kill his attackers and walk out of an exploding town alive), and the fact that out of the three main characters in Wrath of Heaven, he can take the most physical damage. Tesshu works as a mercenary for an underground vigilante organization known as Muzen that murders only if it serves justice. As such, Tesshu has an iron-clad sense of justice, counteracted by his almost cold personality. He is shown to be able to control his temper, releasing his fiery rage as a special attack, increasing his power for a limited time. Tesshu also has a brief moment of rivalry with Rikimaru, when they fight each other to a draw after Rikimaru "steals" Tesshu's kill (Nasu). In Tenchu: Fatal Shadows, Tesshu makes a brief cameo in a cutscene after Rin defeats Futaba and Hitoha. He is the only playable character in the series to have a known full-name.

  • Rin (Fatal Shadows, Time of the Assassins) is voiced in English by Lina Zee and Amy Provenzano and in Japanese by Satsuki Yukino.

Rin is a young kunoichi who has trained in the arts of assassination and unarmed combat since childhood. She was born and raised in a small ninja village called "Hagakure" that lies on the border of Gohda's Relm and the kingdom of the evil sorcerer Lord Mei-oh. After her village was destroyed, Rin has sought to avenge the deaths of her loved ones, working as a hired assassin for “Lady Razor” Ogin. Upon encountering Ayame, the two briefly battle, although Rin soon realises that the other kunoichi is not responsible for the destruction of her village. The pair then form an alliance so that they may better achieve their personal agendas. Rin wields a sword called Natsume, but prefers to fight in unarmed combat, like Tesshu and Tatsumaru. She seeks to avenge her slain kin.

Supporting characters[]

  • Lord Gohda - The lord whom the Azuma clan serves without fail. He lives with his daughter Kiku together with his right-hand man, Sekiya. At the moment, he doesn't know yet what happened to Kiku in Tenchu: Shadow Assassins.
  • Princess Kiku - Lord Gohda's daughter. Her mother, Lady Kei, was murdered when Kiku was a child. She is like a younger sister to Ayame. In Tenchu: Shadow Assassins, Onikage took her hostage and was suddenly stabbed by Rikimaru when Onikage used her as a shield during their encounter, leading to her death.
  • Sekiya - The trusted right-hand man of Gohda. It is noticeable that he could also give orders to the Azuma ninjas even without the accordance of Gohda. In Tenchu: Shadow Assassins, it is revealed that the Sekiya during those times was just an impostor and turned out to be Onikage. It is not revealed where the real Sekiya is or if he was already dead during the events of Wrath of Heaven when he was attacked by a Shikigami.
  • Zennosuke - Leader of an underground assassin group present in Wrath of Heaven that seeks justice on those who have had "wrongs" done to them. He could also be considered to be Tesshu's boss, and Tesshu takes his assignments and receives payment from him. He makes a cameo appearance in Fatal Shadows.
  • Semimaru - The Azuma Ninja's dog that appears in almost all the games in the form of a dog bone which summons him, following which he attacks the enemy. In Stealth Assassins he appears in the opening sequence.
  • Hyakube - A Samurai who was introduced in Tenchu: Shadow Assassins. He acts as a loyal samurai to Gohda when he tries attacking Ayame when he though she's going to kidnap Kiku. He was only introduced briefly and doesn't have any major role in the plot line yet.



  • Onikage - A mysterious Ninja who serves Mei-oh, the King of Hell. He has fought against Rikimaru several times, and he considers Rikimaru to be his ultimate rival, despite him being human, while Onikage is demonic in nature. Onikage seems to have some sort of past connection with the Azuma Clan, though this connection is currently unknown. He first crossed paths with Rikimaru, Ayame, and Tatsumaru during the Burning Dawn incident, under the title of "Suzaku, the Red Sparrow." He seemed to have some sort of strange romance with Yukihotaru, the Princess of the Fireflies, but later killed her, stating, "I have no love for weakness, only power." Whether this is some sort of twisted love, or even love at all, is unknown. There is also the fact that since she was going to die anyway (more slowly and painfully from blood loss) that he may have been putting her out of her misery. The question as to whether Onikage truly loved her is debatable, but if he did, then he clearly did not show it outwardly. He was later recruited by Tenrai to retrieve Shichishito, the sword of Mei-Oh, his shadow faced off against Rikimaru's shadow, followed by a battle between the real warriors. He failed to retrieve the sword, but was counting on the possibility that Rikimaru would use steel from the Demon Blade to repair his own sword, the Izayoi. After facing Rikimaru again in the depths of Tenrai's fortress, he shows a side totally unlike himself, by addressing Mei-Oh. "Master Mei-Oh........ It was a true honour to serve you..... please forgive my failure...." He then proceeds to throw himself into a chasm, and apparently explodes. Onikage returns in the latest installment, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins but mentions no plans for Mei-Oh's resurrection. Onikage attacks with a vast array of kicking attacks, including a spinning combo, a jumping heel drop, a diving drop kick, close-range knee fury, and a vicious heel-grind/flip kick throw. Onikage's best technique is a grab move where he siphons the player's blood screaming "I LOVE IT!". This move drains the player's health while restoring his own.
  • Mei-Oh - Powerful demigod and boss of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. He is the first to employ the services of Onikage.

Tenchu 2[]

  • Lady Kagami - Leader of the Burning Dawn & Lord Toda's Nyogetsu ninja until her betrayal & rebellion. She wields a large sword (No-Dachi) and is the final boss in Rikimaru's storyline. Her forward lunge strike can knock Rikimaru clean off his feet. Kagami is also seen in a theatre costume wielding a fan in some cutscenes.
  • The Burning Dawn - A cult of Ninja in Birth of the Stealth Assassins. Their goal was to bring down the reign of the Samurai and have a world dominated by Ninja. They are led by Kagami and by her lieutenants "The Four Lords". The Four Lords are:
    • Genbu "the wise" - a big man with a small brain and a child's innocence. Kagami gave him his nickname "the wise". He carries 2 clubs shaped like fish. He is killed by Ayame, who is visibly saddened by his death (one of the very few times she shows any sympathy for an enemy).
    • Seiryu - carries a kusarigama. He is killed by Tatsumaru on the roof of Goda castle.
    • Suzaku - he is actually Onikage in disguise. He is "Killed" by Rikimaru but is shown to be revived by Lord Mei-Oh.
    • Byakko - a midget who guards the entrance to the Burning Dawn's hideout. He has a pet tiger called "Kotaro". Byakko is killed by Rikimaru and the tiger by Ayame.

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven / Tenchu: Return from Darkness[]

  • Tenrai - Powerful wizard and boss of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, he even possesses a set of candles representing each of the other boss enemies throughout the game. As his candles snuff themselves out, he is aware of the movements of Rikimaru and Ayame. Tenrai wields an array of dangerous spells: lighting bolts, ice spikes, and teleportation. When he is defeated, he gets "serious", but it is in different ways depending on who the player is controlling. In Rikimaru's mission, Tenrai gains a dark aura around him and fights with dark energy spheres and a powerful throw move. In Ayame's quest, Tenrai's second form is more demonic looking and chiefly uses lunging physical attacks, occasionally stopping to emit a poisonous green mist.
  • Tajima - A drunken bodyguard armed with a katana and a pistol, encountered in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. Nothing at all can be learned about him because he dies after his first encounter with Rikimaru or Ayame, only that he is working for Echigoya. While many of his attacks are wild and unfocused, his most impressive move, "Fly, Baby!", launches the player into the air with his sword and juggles them with several shots with his gun.
  • Nasu (WoH) - A villain encountered early on into Wrath of Heaven, he has no affiliation at all with Tenrai. He is a fat man with a large hat who hangs out with Echigoya, a non-fighting enemy and target of the first mission in Wrath of Heaven. Nasu attacks like a basic enemy, and sometimes utilizes "feigning defeat/surrender" moves. If playing dead, he will use a tackle-style attack; if surrendering, he will place a random item on the ground, and try to "spin attack" the player when they get near.
  • Hamada - Another minor enemy in Wrath of Heaven, he is a traitor to lord Goda who's assassination is ordered among the game's first missions. Hamada resembles a basic "guard" enemy, only with a personalized head. Rikimaru carries out the kill without even having to fight, but Hamada puts up more of a fight when confronted by Ayame.
  • Dr. Kimaira - The mad scientist in charge of Amagai castle, in which Rikimaru and Ayame visit to save princess Kiku. Dr. Kimaira has created an automaton army to assist Tenrai. He attacks using his machine-doll "Mahime" (which literally translates to "Dancing Princess"), which he uses to perform a chopping attack, a throw-move, a mobile spin-attack, or a gatling gun move. Unlike his level, Dr. Kimaira is actually quite easy as he telegraphs his moves, often falling into a repeated pattern.
  • Hyakubake - A shape-shifting magician who can impersonate another with perfect accuracy. Both ninja will face him in one of their missions while he poses as the other. While he copies form, he does not copy personality, so he tries his best to "act". He states, "I am so glad to see a "friend".", calling Rikimaru "friend" while posing as Ayame, thus giving himself away, as in the English dub Rikimaru says, "An Azuma ninja would never use that word!", but in the Japanese dub, the Azuma ninja is applied towards Ayame, referring to her as she would never call Rikimaru her "friend". In being defeated, he bites his tongue off so he can die without telling Tenrai's plans.
  • Kagura and Ganda - Two enemies who sometimes work as a pair, depending on which character (Rikimaru or Ayame) the player is using. Despite their pairing, they are extremely different in appearance and method of attack. Ganda is a gigantic unhuman monster using a large polearm and dangerous wrestling-style moves, whereas Kagura is Ayame's size and fights via throwing magical scriptures and utilizing teleportation. In Rikimaru's encounter, Ganda is invulnerable, and thus a dangerous obstacle while Rikimaru must defeat Kagura to eliminate Ganda's protection... then Tatsumaru appears and finishes Ganda with a single slice. Ayame must fight these enemies in separate locations during her mission. Kagura fights accompanied by a spirit wolf when confronted by Ayame. Ganda also appears as a boss in Tesshu story, and has nothing to do with Tenrai in this story branch. Ganda's triple-backbreaker throw is identical to a move used by Clark Still of the King of Fighters games, and Kagura bears more than a passing resemblance to Chizuru Kagura, also of KOF.
  • Tatsumaru - An "elder brother" figure to Rikimaru, thought deceased in a previous title. He was brought back by Tenrai to serve. He appears quickly and slays Ganda after Rikimaru wins the fight, then challenging Rikimaru himself. After their fight, he tells Rikimaru "the secret to defeating Tenrai is sealed within your right eye", in reference to Rikimaru's damaged eye, Tenrai reveals he is watching them, and snuffs out a candle, killing Tatsumaru. Ayame's scenes with Tatsumaru are different, as she evidently harbored a crush on him and his sudden appearance startles her. Tatsumaru fights using a long combination attack, bombs, and a spinning izuna drop (unavailable in vs. mode, replaced with dashing frenzy).
  • The Headless Giant - A manifestation of the hatred in the souls of those buried in the cemetery. It appears specifically in Ayame's chapter and is a formidable opponent using deadly slashing moves and spraying blood from its neck "stump". Rikimaru faces the undead's vengeance in a different form, just a large wave of enemies and not a large boss.
  • Jinnai - A former member of the Muzen group, Jinnai is actually two brothers, Ukyo and Sakyo, although most people only realize this as they are assassinated by either of the two. They act as leaders of a particular organization in which Tesshu's superior, Zennosuke, seeks to dissolve. Described by Tesshu as "Ukyo sets the trap, but Sakyo does the killing", this double-boss showdown serves as the final encounter for the "Tesshu sidequest" in Wrath of Heaven. The brothers dress more or less identical, have a tall, slender in appearance and use Iaido-style blade techniques. They use basic enemy moves, a large "wind-slice", and an unblockable rushing "flash" attack similar to Jyuzou's in the next title. Whereas Ukyo's dash attack is a damaging double-slash, Sakyo's is instant death... effectively ending the fight if it lands. Tesshu utters this famous line in between the two fights: "if you hurry, you may catch your brother on his way to hell!"
  • Mr. D "CEO" - The boss of the hidden "Through the Portal" mission in Wrath of Heaven where Rikimaru arrives in present day via a time portal created after the defeat of Lord Mei-Oh. This enemy's existence may not be canon as this entire event may not have actually taken place. Whatever the fact, Mr. D is indeed a powerful enemy. He is armed with a katana in one hand, and a bionic-arm cannon for the other. He fires energy blasts from his arm, as well as using a shocking grasp & thrusting stab attack. His strongest attack is a rushing combination attack. He makes another appearance in Tenchu: Time of the Assassins, where he has similar techniques and clothing. Once again the player must assassinate him.

The following are enemies who only appeared in Tenchu: Return from Darkness.

  • Mifuyu (Return from Darkness and Time of the Assassins) - The 20-year old daughter of the samurai Kanbe Tadokoro, who was trained by her father in the art of sword fighting. She holds a high code of honour. Unbeknownst to her, her father was involved in a rebellion against Lord Gohda. When she learned that her father was a threat to Lord Gohda, she became quite confused and killed her father to protect the family name. She is the boss character for the new Samurai Mansion mission in Tenchu: Return from Darkness.
  • Kanbe Tadokoro (RfD) - Mifuyu's father and one of Lord Gohda's vassals. He leads a rebellion against Lord Gohda and is killed by his daughter Mifuyu in order to preserve the honour of the Tadokoro clan.
  • Jonosuke Yuge (RfD) - Kanbe Tadokoro's vassal. Jinnai Sakyo convinced him to lead an attack on Gohda castle.
  • Shigi - Shigi is a mysterious ninja seen in Tenchu Z. He works as an assassin for an enemy clan. He has stolen two kills from the main character of Tenchu Z and made an appearance three times in the game (two of which the player fights him). He tends to block often, but there is time to strike when he is taunting. His attacks consist of charging at you with full speed slicing you in the stomach, kicking you in the back, blowing fire and a weird chant making the tip of his sword glow blue. On the final level, Rikimaru and the main character surround Shigi only for him to burn the castle down and escape.

Tenchu: Fatal Shadows[]

  • Jyuzou- Supreme leader of the Kuroya assassin group, the main enemies present in Tenchu: Fatal Shadows. He carries a large parasol with a long blade concealed inside it. Jyuzou was the next in line to become the leader of the Hagakure Village, however he defied them and refused to live by their ways, they were angered and a fight ensued. Jyuzou left to start his own following and has since been pursued by Rin, seeking revenge. Rin finally catches up to Jyuzou at Hitou Beach, where he reveals to her that they were to be married. He tells her to join him, and bear him a child. She adamantly refuses, and he is then despondent over the fact that he will have to kill her. Jyuzou is an extremely difficult opponent, as landing an attack on him is a very trying process as he frequently dodges around the arena while attacking. He uses a lunging grappling move, an umbrella swing attack, an unblockable umbrella-stab move, and a deadly unblockable "flash" attack which autoguards anything during the duration (and even right after).
  • Futaba - Member of the Kuroya, and another ex-member of Rin's Clan. She joined Jyuzou's group because she wanted to betray the village just as he was planning to do. She has a rivalry with Rin and hates her intensely, wondering why Jyuzou favored Rin over her. She betrayed the village and sold them and their secrets out to the Kuroya, leading to the extermination. With her brother Hitoha, she ambushed Rin during a mission to deliver a letter to Zennosuke. She attacks using a device on one of her wrists that shoots darts either forward or from above. If Rin gets too close to her, she will use a short-range spin attack. If Hitoha falls in battle before her, she will gain a rapid-fire poison dart attack, putting a time-limit to defeat her should Rin be hit by it... although an Antidote item will remove the effect. Rin gets to kill the traitor herself after the battle.
  • Shinogi - A spikey-haired Kuroya member who attacks using three swords simultaneously (like Roronoa Zoro from One Piece). He reveals himself to Ayame by ringing Kiku's friendship bells, at the same time challenging her to do battle. Shinogi uses multiple brutal attacks including a rushing frenzy, even kicking up dust from the floor in an effort to stun Ayame. Shinogi's appearance seems to be inspired almost entirely by a character named Manji, from the manga Blade of the Immortal, down to his description stating that he joined Jyouzou's group in order to kill a thousand people. Also, in the gallery section there's a concept art picture of Shinogi carrying an assortment of weapons based on the weapons Manji used, who often fought with various blades taken from fallen enemies.
  • Hitoha - The older twin brother of Futaba who joins her in the attack on Rin. He fights using a pyrotechnic gauntlet that allow him to eject streams of fire. Combining the use of such a device with his athletic prowess & mastery of ninja mysticism grants him some incredibly damaging physical attacks, such as the ability to channel the flames down his katana, directing it towards the enemy. Interestingly, if the player happens to kill Futaba before her brother, he will enter an "overdrive" mode in which he is surrounded by a fiery aura, gaining a higher attack rate along with stronger, more destructive abilities. Normally, Hitoha uses a rushing combination(involving a rarely-used katana techniques), a flying kick, and a tremendous, flame-covered knockdown combo. While in overdrive, Hitoha gains a ground fire wave, a jumping attack involving the release of impact explosives, and a vicious grappling move (resembles Onikage's knee fury). When defeated, his last thoughts are of his sister, and Tesshu steps in for a cameo as he paralyzes Hitoha with a needle to the back of the head... Surprisingly though it seems to have no effect for a few moments, as Hitoha reaches across the floor, sending a stream of fire slithering towards his sister's corpse.
  • Ranzou - A tall, lanky member of the Kuroya who dresses in all black clothing and delights himself in torturing people. At the moment when Ayame finds him, he is torturing Rin's master, Lady Ogin. Ranzou states specifically that he enjoys torturing women better than men, and seems glad that Ayame had found him. At first, he draws two large katana from the holders on his back, then attaches them together forming a "ronin blade" -a weapon similar to that wielded by Star Wars villain Darth Maul. Ranzou attacks extremely fast with slices from all directions using his blade, as well as using a sadistic, "impalement" move, similar to Darth Maul's killing of Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn. He also possesses an interesting special attack called "Shadowbind" (he shouts this during the move), making a purple spacial-rift open up under the player, stunning them and making them completely vulnerable to his next move. If the fight is taking too long, Ranzou will escape, giving you a slightly different scene afterward and no kill. This dictates which version of the last stage you will play. This may or may not be canon, but Ranzou will be killed during the course of the game's ending if he ran away.
  • Shou - A short-haired, effeminate, narcissistic of the Kuroya who disguises himself as a musician. His musical specialty is the shamisen, only his is equipped with a machine-gun weapon inside of it (see anachronism). The only other attacks used by Shou are a spread gun-blast, and a close ranged throat slash. He is Jyuzou's personal favorite of the assassins, as Jyuzou silently honors Shou's final request following his defeat (to see his face in a mirror), just before swiftly ending his misery.
  • Tatsukichi - A geisha who is in love with Jyozou. He sends her to her death to fight Ayame as distraction, so he can escape. Although she is a boss, she is not even on par with a regular enemy. Her only attack is the cowardly thrust of a poisoned knife... and cringing in fear. When defeated, she asks Jyuzou to forgive her failure, but he refuses while impaling her on his sword, stating that he "hates needy women".
  • Kumagorou - A large bear kept by the Kuroya and used as a sort of "death trap" to ninjas who should get in their way. Both Ayame and Rin were tossed into a pit with it. He attacks with claw swipes, charging headbutts, and a biting hold move. Occasionally, he will jump up and slam the ground, stunning the player with a sort of earthquake style attack, though it does no damage. He is said to be the son of the bear Ayame fought & killed in Stealth Assassins.
  • Nasu (FS) - An entirely different enemy sharing the same name as one in the previous title. This Nasu is a large bald blind man who uses Iaido-style sword techniques. He uses his skills as a masseuse to paralyze young women via their pressure points, so he can have his way with them. Although he is blind, he is a very skilled fighter, his attacks are blindingly fast, and he also has a grappling move. He possesses another attack, which knocks away the player's guard and proceeds to slash them twice viciously. His appearance and fighting style make him an homage to Zatoichi. If the player takes a path under the room where he is, a scene will ensue where he is stabbed & killed through a tatami mat by Rin, allowing the boss encounter to be avoided completely.
  • Katsuragi - A Samurai-turned Bandit, Katsuragi is a member of the Iwatsu Clan of Samurai with price on his head. He is defeated by Ayame in an early game mission.

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins[]

  • Rinshi - A mysterious kunoichi who disguised herself as a fortune-teller during the first attempt of kidnapping Kiku. Sekiya was fooled by letting her inside the castle. Later on, she reveals that her motive is actually to avenge the deaths of her parents because of Gohda.
  • Gonbei
  • Tado - A vicious daimyo who wished to start a war with Lord Gohda. He later dies after Rikimaru poisons his sake.
  • Kurokawa