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Red Alert[]

General Gunter von Esling[]


Played by: Arthur Roberts

The German Commander-in-Chief of European Allied forces, established to defeat the Soviet aggression. Esling is portrayed as pragmatic and reserved, though he congratulates the commander after difficult missions. His second in command is Nikos Stavros, alongside Field Commander A9, the executor of the most important battle plans. Tanya Adams, the American special forces agent answers directly to Esling as well.

General Nikos Stavros[]


Played by: Barry Kramer

The Greek Second-in-Command to von Esling. Stavros is more emotional than Esling, as his home in Greece is under attack early on in Red Alert. Also, Stavros originally objects to Tanya's employment in the Allied war effort. Despite this, he remains in the upper echelons of the Allied army throughout the campaign. At the end of the Allied Campaign, Stavros orders Allied Soldiers who had discovered the trapped Josef Stalin that they "saw nothing", and then kills Stalin himself, apparently in revenge for the rampant destruction across Greece.

Tanya Adams[]


Played by: Lynne Litteer

Tanya Adams was a civilian who volunteered for service in the Allied forces. She proved to be an extremely capable field operative, eventually becoming one of the Allies' most important assets, receiving orders directly from von Esling, the Allied commander. Tanya is highly disrespectful of military authority; when General Nikos Stavros expressed concern over her civilian status, she cut him off with the comment "That's why I don't get killed". The only reason why she didn't get kicked out of the military was because she possessed skill which matched her defiant personality. She appears on a significant number of Allied forces' missions, especially during their assault on Moscow.

Professor Albert Einstein[]


Played by: John Milford

Albert Einstein, German theoretical physicist who was involved with a United States project based at Trinity, New Mexico in 1946 - the project that resulted in the Chronosphere. Einstein used the project to travel back in time to 1924 with prevention of the Second World War in mind by eliminating Hitler from the timeline. The Second World War as Einstein knew it was avoided, but was unfortunately replaced by another against a burgeoning Soviet Union. Einstein's reputation was preserved in the new timeline and his expertise much sought after.

Red Alert 2[]

President Michael Dugan[]

Played by: Ray Wise

General Carville[]

Played by: Barry Corbin

Also appeared in Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation.

Lieutenant Eva Lee[]

Played by: Athena Massey