Codex Gamicus
Charlotte Aulin


Game series Castlevania series
First appearance Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Japanese name: シャーロット・オーリン Shārotto Ōrin
Species: Human
Age: 16 in 1944
Gender: Female

Charlotte Aulin is a character in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Charlotte, while complementary in nature, can indeed fight solo and does so in much the same style as the classic heroes. The young Aulin is, at her base, equipped with a magic encyclopedia which she uses to assault her enemies. She will, over the adventure's course, collect newer, more powerful magic books whose effects become larger in radius and just plain deadly. To supplement this limited selection of books, Charlotte will learn a whole host of skills (spells and incantations that as sub-weapons) that will harm enemies, conjure helpers, heal any type of negative status, and allow for increased accessibility.

Charlotte Aulin was the childhood friend of Jonathan Morris, the two having grown up together as warriors in their own respects. Counter to the perceived characteristics of Jonathan, Charlotte was intelligent and perhaps a little too confident in the level of her book smarts. She talked a lot and would always stick her nose in others' business, but it was only because she felt the obligation to help those in need. Whereas Jonathan was impulsive and unfocused, Charlotte would always solve problems by taking a logical approach bereft of emotion, which many viewed as her lacking of positive sentiment. Still, because Charlotte was gifted with great magical power, she was mature beyond her years, which her elders always respected. She was, after all, seen as the potential final weapon in the battle against Count Dracula.

Charlotte was by Jonathan's side when the Church requested that he investigate a little matter of Dracula's Castle mysteriously rising from the depths with no sign of its ruler's presence. It was Charlotte's magical propensity and instincts that helped the duo solve many a puzzle related to Castlevania's resurrection. Though Jonathan was always perplexed by her complicated explanations as to the widespread supernatural occurrences, he trusted in her highly concentrated senses and her expertise in the area of magic. Too, she was well-versed in the subjects of Dracula, his history and his castle; using this knowledge and her ever-increasing skills, she was able to deduce that Brauner's paintings were suppressing Dracula's power, that Death had, in retaliation, other desires, and that Stella and Loretta could be saved. More importantly, her separating of procedure from emotion would serve to keep Jonathan in line and help him to focus his sometimes-misguided energies.

Her most urgent contribution was the learning and application of a purification spell, which saved Vincent Dorin from a vampiric fate and later freed the sisters, Stella and Loretta, from the curse that threatened total acceptance of such a doomed eternity. By curing the sisters, it allowed for them to resume human form, as proud Lecardes, and act as the key for the unlocking of the Vampire Killer's powers, which John would use to (with Charlotte's aid) vanquish Brauner and then the team of Dracula and Death. In combining their skills, Charlotte and Jonathan met all challenges and emerged as champions.