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Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver is a 2002 videogame for the Xbox, developed by I-Imagine and published by Bam! Entertainment. It is a film stuntman simulator in the style of contemporary game Stuntman.

Chase is one of many games to make use of the Xbox's customisable soundtrack capabilities.

Story[edit | edit source]

Players take on the role of professional stuntwoman Chase Corrada as she performs vehicular stunts for various films. Each film is directed by "Mr Chin", a famous Hong Kong director noted for his spectacular chase scenes, and who had previously worked with Griffin Corrada, Chase's famous stuntman father. In each film, Chase finds herself working/competing with rival stuntman Rick Baen.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Career Mode[edit | edit source]

"Career Mode" takes place across four films, with the player performing stunts for four scenes in each film. The films are:

"Career Mode" ends with the "Final Scene": an illegal Formula One street race between Chase and Rick.

After successful completion of a "scene", players then view the "scene" they just "filmed" as it would appear in a film (with things such as cameramen and hidden ramps "edited out"). Players can opt to save these filmed scenes and rewatch them in "Replay Theatre".

Challenge Mode[edit | edit source]

"Challenge Mode" involves players attempting to reach the high score in one of three disciplines:

  • "Jump Challenge" - players attempt to jump their vehicles over an increasing number of buses.
  • "Stunt Point Challenge" - players attempt to perform as many stunts as possible within a time limit.

"Race Challenge" - players Race against Baen.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Three multiplayer modes are available:

  • "Hit & Run" - a "tag"-style game in which players attempt to avoid being "it" when the timer runs out.
  • "Stunt Point Duel" - a multiplayer variant on "Stunt Point Challenge".
  • "Stunt Race" - a multiplayer variant on "Race Challenge".

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