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Cheyenne was an Exidy light gun arcade game released in 1984. In this western style shooting game, the player had to guide and protect "Buster Badshot" through various scenes of danger that take place in the old west, using the light gun. As well as keeping the character alive, the player had to kill the wanted bandits for each level. An NES port by American Game Cartridges was planned to be released but it never was.

The credits screen depicted here shows abbreviations of the game development team:

LWH = Larry Hutcherson -Level Programmer

NGI = Nick Ilyin - Lead Programmer

VIC = Victor Tolomei - Lead Programmer

LYN = Lynn Pointer - CG Artist

KEN = Ken Nicholson - Sound Design; Level Design

HEC = Hector Galindo - Art

RAY = Ray Maninang - Cabinet artwork

MIK = Mike Craven - Art

HAI = Howell Ivy - Exidy 440 hardware designer

File:Cheyenne Arcade.png

Screenshot of Cheyenne