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Child of Eden is a musical rail-shooter video-game developed by Q Entertainment and owned by Ubisoft. Child of Eden has a Fandom Wiki.


September 11th, 2019, a girl named Lumi (a fictional girl, portrayed by Rachel Rhodes) is born on the International Space Station. She the first human born in space. She sang songs (in the virtual band Genki Rockets), and she dreams to visit Earth, but sadly she cannot and dies at age 20. Her corpse is preserved and her memory data is archived.

Time marches on.

At year 2219, what used to be called the internet is now called Eden, which is a fountain of all knowledge of humanity. Then scientists do an experiment to try to rebirth Lumi inside of Eden, which is called Project Lumi. But while people where doing the experiment a powerful Virus has infected Eden and you, the Protagonist, must purify the Viruses and purify Eden.

Save Eden. Save Lumi.