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Location of China (shown in dark green). Uncontrolled regions are shaded light green.
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The National Flag of the People's Republic of China
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People's Republic of China
Video gaming in China in video gaming

China (officially the People's Republic of China, 中华人民共和国), is a country located in the continent of Asia, with its capital located in Beijing. China claims control over Taiwan (usually represented as Chinese Taipei in video games that are officially sanctioned for release in China itself), and exercises effective control over both Hong Kong and Macau.

Video gaming in China[]

China is the largest video market in the world, owing largely to its population size, which, at just under 1.4 billion, is larger than any other country. An estimated 619.5 million people in China play video games, almost twice the population of the United States, and Chinese gamers were expected to spend 37.9 billion USD in gaming.

The country's government takes an active role in video game censorship, and this invariably leads to video games never seeing official and/or localized releases; for the ones that are released, development and publishing time-scales are often vastly increased. Home gaming consoles were banned in China from June 2000 to 2013, in an attempt to stop the corrupting influence of video games[1].

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