Codex Gamicus



All Chinese structures can upgrade mines around them.

Command Center[]

Cost: $2000

This is where Chinese Dozers are built from. A radar upgrade can be purchased to open the minimap for $500.

Supply Center[]

Cost: $1500

When built, a free supply truck is also given. The supply center is used to drop off supplies collected by supply trucks. This is also where you can build supply trucks.


Cost: $400

A cheap, but strong defense structure that can hold and protect five infantry. The infantry can fire out of the bunker and cannot be cleared by toxins, fire, or flash bangs. They can only be cleared by neutron shells shot by Nuke Cannons in Zero Hour.

Nuclear Reactor[]

Cost: $1000

Power Generated: 10

A high-performance power plant that provides tons of power. It will explode when destroyed and will damage surrounding units and structures. The player can also overcharge the power plant to make it provide 50% power, but it will slowly damage itself and eventually explode.


Cost: $500

The place where Chinese infantry are all trained. They can also heal by entering the barracks.

War Factory[]

Cost: $2000

This is where all the Chinese vehicles can be built. Vehicles can also repair one at a time on the War Factory. Some upgrades are also available from the War Factory.

Air Field[]

Cost: $1000

Airfield is where MIGs are built. Each Airfield can hold four MIGs and also have an upgrade available to give MIGs more armor.

Gattling Cannon[]

Cost: $1200

This is a very strong anti-infantry defense that can handle as well as destroy many infantry very fast. It is poor against armored units, but can still deal with light armor with ease. Chain gun upgrade makes it fire faster.

Propaganda Center[]

Cost: $2000

This allows construction of advanced units and structures. It also provides essential upgrades that would improve the abilities of Chinese units.

Nuclear Missile[]

Cost: $5000

The nuke silo provides the nuclear upgrades for Chinese tanks. It also gives the ability to launch a nuclear missile every six game minutes.

Note: In Zero Hour, the Nuke General can build the Nuke Silo for $4500.

Speaker Tower[]

Cost: $500

A structure that emits propaganda that gives a healing effect to nearby units. It also improves their fighting ability. Its effectiveness can be improved by the subliminal message upgrade.


Uranium Shells[]

Cost: $2500

Upgrades tank shells to have uranium and do 25% more damage.

Nuclear Tanks[]

Lets overlords and battlemaster tanks move faster.

Black Napalm[]

Cost: $2000

Upgrades all fire-based weapons to do more damage. All napalm also becomes dark-colored.

Chain Gun[]

Cost: $1500

Makes all Gatling weapons fire 25% faster.

MiG Armor[]

Cost: $1000

Gives MIGs 25% more armor.


Cost: $2000

This upgrade is purchased at the Propaganda Center and will improve the effects of horde bonuses by 25%.

Land Mines[]

Cost: $600

Any structure can be upgraded with land mines. It will detonate when enemies step on it or when shot at. If the mines are destroyed, they will regenerate after a certain amount of time.

Neutron Mines[]

Cost: $200

This upgrade is purchased after land mines and will upgrade it to neutron for that building. This will kill infantry instantly and will kill drivers in vehicles, leaving a shell.


Cost: $500

An upgrade on the Chinese Command Center that gives radar.

Subliminal Messaging[]

Cost: $500

Makes propaganda towers more effective.

Satellite Hack 1[]

After upgrading this, all enemy command centers will be revealed to the player. Every few minutes the Internet Center will do that again.

Satellite Hack 2[]

Works like Satellite Hack 1 but reveals area around all units on the map.

Neutron Shells[]

This is upgraded from the Nuclear Silo and will let Nuke Cannons fire Neutron Shells. They can instantly kill infantry in or out of vehicles. They can also clear all garrisoned structures of infantry, including Chinese Bunkers and the GLA Palace.

Isotope Stability[]

Cost: $2000 Makes tanks less volatile so that when they are destroyed, there will not be much nuclear mess or damage. Only available at the Propaganda Center for the Nuke General.

MiG Tactical Nuke[]

An upgrade for the Nuke General to give his MIGs nuke missiles. Upgrade is available from the nuke silo.


Lets a Nuclear Reactor give 50% more power output, but will slowly damage the plant until turned off or the power plant explodes.

Zero Hour[]


Fortified Bunker[]

Cost: $600

This is a stronger version of the bunker that comes with mines and can hold more infantry. Only buildable by the Infantry General.