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Clap Hanz, Ltd. (株式会社クラップハンズ Kabushiki-Gaisha Kurappu Hanzu) is a video game developer located in Japan. It is an independent 3rd party[1] company with strong ties with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and is the developer of the Everybody's Golf (known as Hot Shots Golf in North America) and Everybody's Tennis series. The company was established in 1998 and is headed by Masashi Muramori.


Game Title Release Platform
Minna No Golf 2 February 29, 2000 PlayStation
Minna No Golf 3 March 11, 2002 PlayStation 2
Minna No Golf 4 November 27, 2003 PlayStation 2
Minna No Golf Portable December 12, 2004 PlayStation Portable
Minna No Tennis September 14, 2006 PlayStation 2
Minna No Golf 5 July 26, 2007 PlayStation 3
Minna No Golf Portable 2 June, 2008 PlayStation Portable
Minna no Sukkiri October 1, 2009 PlayStation Portable
Minna No Tennis Portable Feb, 2010 PlayStation Portable


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